Sweet Apple Cider Vinegar

The night was as young as we were

In my car shining underneath the streetlights

Your eyes entranced mine like the stars and they were beautiful because I felt the youth of your happiness and excitement connect to mine

It was fresh and new and I felt you and everything you spoke to me; it was so real and felt so free

Even though we no longer speak of this I know that you’ll never forget the magic of our memory

And you’ve gone away but you always come back through all the storms and everything between cycles of love and pain

It was the curse of such betrayal from the moment that you bit into the bitter fruit laced with venom from the snake hidden in the shadows lurking in my space – a friend – or so I thought – because I trusted him – but wanted you – and so you took the bait – as predators do what they do – and I never knew if you knew how much I really wanted you

So beyond the curse of this poison, you had fled the scene and returned by the deliverance of recurring sources that came to use you as a device to compensate for their emptiness and flaunt you in my face – as the jealous will do

And you didn’t know me but you really knew

As we discovered the underlying truth

But this time was very different and we were not the same

As we have suffered loss and pain

But I was with you still because I knew how it felt to be abandoned by the love that I had

Even if it was for one night it felt like a lifetime to me

It never had to be this complicated but the best things in life don’t always deliver with ease

The only thing we need is trust and truth to break the curse and set us free

But with so much pain and loss and confusion from external sources and occurrences, you stumble over doubt

So there you go and run again – as I let you fly away – because love is free – no jealousy – but if I could keep you for myself I would

And if you ever trusted yourself to take my hand you can hold me as you should

My love, you need to heal

And no matter where you go, my friend

No matter where you fly, my dear

My love for you is real

I will see you again

But the walls are coming in

My love is very patient

But I have so much love to give

Take me

But only if you plan to keep me

Love me

Trust yourself to not deceive me

Save me

The walls are coming in



The Top Line

The Top Line – A Universal Guide For Good Living

In a world of various cultures, religions, beliefs, spiritualities, systems, and codes of conduct, there has been vast confusion and conflict among our differences in humanity.

Through my observation, I have found great similarities in all of these differences yet have come to realize that the greatest thing that conflicts us within our own species is the fact that we do not all necessarily speak the same language- and when I say, “speak the same language” I do not mean that in a literal sense.  What I mean is that we all have very different ways of communicating.  Whether is be an actual variation of language, or slang, or self-expression, or moral understanding for and of ourselves and each other, there is a major lack of mental cognisance that connects our universal language to truly comprehend and abide by the codes of conduct that should not be crossed or betrayed.  I find that so very often, our hearts and our boundaries and limits are betrayed by the laziness and careless unawareness of our actions and words and because of such behavior, conflict and separation is created.  When a large separation such as this occurs it creates an unspoken yet very real epidemic of weakness.  We are stronger together than we are apart.

So how can this be resolved?  Well, this is the beginning of our resolution.  No matter who you are or where you’re from or what you did, we ALL have the power and capability to reconnect and become strong again.

The following is a list of universal scenarios and ethics comprised from universal root sources that will benefit any and all living humans without conflict but furthermore for the better construction and reconstruction of our human bond and community strength around the world.  The following list is a globalized code that, if and when it is followed, will strengthen the core, structure, foundation, production, and reproduction of humanity as a whole.  Study and practice the list as follows while keeping in mind that this is not outlines by order of importance, as all codes are created equal since they are universal.

Universal Codes:

  1.  Do not lie.  Whether your intention may be good or bad or anywhere in between, a lie is false and therefore creates an illusion.  Illusion will never create anything real.  Illusion will break hearts, destroy lives, and lead to false hope.  Honesty is the only REAL answer.  The “white lie” theory is ineffective and should not be utilized in any situation.  For instance- if someone asks your opinion you should provide an honest answer BUT you can still do so in a way that is not harsh.  Learn to use your words in an honest but friendly way.  After all- we are all entitled to have and express our REAL opinions and we can do it in a way that is not only genuine but also gentle.  With this code also comes the sub-stipulation that even though we should not ever lie, we should also know when to not speak.  Just because you have an opinion or something to say doesn’t mean that you should ALWAYS say it.  If it is destructive, hurtful, rude, egotistical / ego-driven, harmful, or degrading, you should most certainly contain that information since it is completely unnecessary. Refocus on building and sharing positive truth to share with yourself and others and it will come back to you.  You have the power to share the honesty of good truth.
  2. Do Not Steal.  If you need or want something that is not yours or that doesn’t belong to you, don’t take it.  If you earn it, keep it.  If you pay for it, it’s yours.  If you provide fair trade and have made a deal, then so be it.  But to steal means that you are taking something from someone else that does not belong to you.  Yes, you may be struggling and feel that you need or deserve this object more than the person or people that own it.  But this is completely false!  You do not know what this person or group of people had to do to earn what they possess.  Everybody has a story of how they earned what they have and how they got to where they are and how they became who they are.  So for you or anyone to take something that doesn’t belong to you from another source is completely wrong, damaging, and quite sadly self-entitled and ignorant.  You are better off asking for help.  You may find yourself surprised by how many people would be willing to help you succeed if you are truly struggling.  But remember- not everyone is going to say “yes”.  But just because some will not be willing to help doesnt mean that others will not.  Keep trying but also remember that EVERYTHING has a price and nothing in this life was meant to naturally come easily.  If you want something you must earn it.  There are plenty of non-conventional ways to trade and earn things among our species.  But we must do so with honesty, integrity, and communication.  We must be humble enough to ask for help and sometimes even explain our situation to help others understand why we need help.  And we will find that there are many out there who will have the compassion to make the time to work out a situation that will benefit BOTH of you!  Be fair and do NOT ever steal!
  3. Do not cheat.  Cheating is quite simply another form of a lie.  If you bind yourself to an agreement with another, do not break that agreement.  Do not go against what you have agreed to do with the other person or group of people.  In the event you would like to opt out of whatever agreement or binding that you have created, you must FIRST communicate that to the person or people with whom you have established such agreements.  After you have clearly, openly, and honestly made sure that the other person or people know that you have decided that you no longer want to uphold your agreements, then you are free to do as you choose because you no longer have any agreement to abide by.  But if you choose to break an agreement without closing the deal, then you are a cheater.  Cheating is betrayal and it will come back to haunt you.  Do not EVER cheat!
  4. Accentuate the positive.  When it comes to your own self and others, you should always strive to recognize and express the good qualities.  Say and do things that are nice and uplifting to yourself and to others.  Why be rude, sarcastic, degrading, and destructive when you can actually contribute to spiritual growth?  Why damage someone’s heart or hurt their feelings when you have the power to make them feel better?  It is your right and duty to spread happiness rather than greif. And if you have a difficult time being nice to yourself and others then perhaps you really need to reevaluate your integrity and ask yourself why you are in so much pain.  Then once your realize why you are hurting you can find creative ways to fix your problems or accept what you cannot control and focus on the good things that you actually DO have.  Everyone is going to have struggles and things that are imperfect.  There is no absolute perfect but we all have the power to make life a better existence when we notice and appreciate the good things and as a result of that we will be appreciated and noticed for being good to ourselves and the world around us.

Goal:  Practice these codes and notice how much your life changes for the better over time.  You deserve it.  You are worth it.  So do yourself and the world around you a favor and live in harmony with happiness and life-changing ethics on your side and reap the rewards.  You will be so very glad that you did.  And if you already are practicing these codes, I want to sincerely thank you for everything that you contribute to this world.  You are truly amazing!  ❤

The Greatest Illusion



___The greatest illusion is doubt.

Doubt being – The false idea that you will never be “good enough”, so-to-speak, as to fit a standardized mold or expectation that the pressure of seemingly hierarchical figures and ideas present themselves to be.  But that is not merely the illusion in itself.  No, you see… The greatest illusion is the belief that we must strive to be something we are not for the mere sake of social acceptance.  That is the greatest illusion; conformity to an unnatural state of being.  And even though we can choose to live well among others with dignity, grace, and respect – our soul mission is to be entirely true to our inner selves while enjoying the wonder of the world around us.  It’s a beautiful thing once we find the power within ourselves to surpass the dimension of being bound to the greatest illusion that limits our happiness.  At this point, we have achieved true freedom to live rather than exist.


~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Less For More

Overindulgent cycles dissolved

After painfully patching my knees from the falls

Once filling the voids from the echoes within

Like a shattering noise – silent screaming again

Dispensing the fire that built up inside

From the torturous silence to keep it alive

So it spewed and it whaled from the force of my lips

And it thrust like a bullet from the core of my hips

Cannon smoke rises and falls into ash

Settling from the pursuit of out-lash

Into the earth, its seed become grounded

Caressing the roots of the silence it sounded

Bathing in water adorned by the moon

Feeling the trickle of starlight it swoons

Behold such a glory in the steady of night

Finally – less was enough to make it feel right

Abundance of peace with havoc no more

The beautiful ocean dodged waves from the floor

Swimming at ease through deep mystery

Guided by lights and blessings that be

All that now is – centered and balanced

Everything magic occurs in this palace

Upgraded onto a higher dimension

Connected by levels of soul comprehension



Collapse (I Love New York)

From my bloodline of the island of Ellis, you had enslaved the coldest hit of reality to my predecessors; a dream.  A dream of great illusion.  A dream built with the intention to deceitfully lure your bait like a predatorial shark and build your empire of cold, hard, fragmented hatred.  A culture and a way of life designed by the elite.  And here I am to tell you.  But what if I don’t love you, New York?  What if I have tried so many times to love you yet your abuse and neglect continually fail to compensate the capacity of my heart and all that it’s willing to give- generously and openly unto others who you have programmed into emotionless, selfish bricks in your great wall.  The wall you proclaim to be great… This “American Dream”.  This concrete jungle of physical madness.  This pre-civilized brawn over brain mentality of outdated socialism.  This sick fucking existence of heartless carbon copies.  This surface-level, egotistical, victimized culture of rape. Enslave thy dweller and rape their mind.  Work the slave and rape its body.  Diseducate the slave and rape is comprehension and ability to understand beyond reductive instruction that you have mapped and planned to create this disgrace of an empire.  An empire that is a disgrace to the heart, the body, the soul, and to human connection.  New York – You brutally raped me in the ass and exposed my blood from what you have done.  New York – You’ve decimated and slandered the truth of my existence with your establishment of pre-dispositioned conceptual tactics that portray your self-serving notion of “right vs wrong”. You incarcerate the men of this territory who have consumed or withheld natures right of growing herb yet you coddle the business of poisonous injection.  You say that every life should matter but your hypocrisy displays to be transparent in the illusion of your filthy lies.  And for those that have unveiled your illusion, you shame them.  You outcast truth because truth is what you fear.  You fear truth because with the enlightenment of truth you would lose your power.  You find the greatest threat of your truth to be those who have a large and growing network of others who seek the truth.  So then you attempt to buy them out in secrecy but your offering bear no truth and your proposition deems quite weak.  There is no alliance to be conjoined with your lack of attempt to proceed a broken system.  Much like bad management, you crumble.  Much like an empire run by fools, you crumble.  And those who realize this and speak of your ways – You call them crazy.  But the honest ones are not crazy.  They are brave to speak the truth, much like that of many others who have notably suffered and been put to death.  Much like Jesus Christ.  Much like the witch trials.  Much like anyone who sought, explored, and spoke of higher truth in this despicable world where hatred and evil live.  And when you feel powerless, you attack those who are good.  And those who are weak will stand by your side and defend your cause because they are the same equivalence of shit and fear your false power.  They are weak.  I will die in truth before I choose to accept your rape culture of lies and slavery.  And for every wick of my candles that are lit, will be a symbol of truth that outshines your dark chamber.  And by doing this together, the connection of our heart will together know that we are free.  And we are free because we stand together and will have each other when your empire falls. And it will.

One cannot be infected by the poisonous apple that they do not eat – so … they leave it for others to indulge in the feast of misery unless they choose otherwise.  Life is a choice.


I remember when I was a child my aunt had told me, “blood is thicker than water”.  I can distinctly remember the importance of her intent behind the clear sound of wording that traveled through her instructive lung and into my ears while her eyes focused boldly into mine when she had pronounced each and every syllable of that phrase.  At that point in my life I, perhaps, didn’t fully comprehend the timeless meaning of this phrase, but I knew it possessed extremely significant importance so that someday I would comprehend it’s meaning with more profound internal relation.  Because of that, I would never forget those words.  Blood.  Blood is life.  Blood is energy.  Blood is movement.  Blood is passion. Blood is relativity.  Blood is necessary.  Blood is within us and keeps us alive and flows through us until we die.  Blood is everything.  It is our roots.  It is our genes.  It is our foundation for life.  Everything else is extra and we have the liberty to make the best of all that is extra because of blood.  Without blood, we would simply not be.  Like a tree grows freely without blood, it still has roots planted in the soils of earth.  Like a human that breathes because of the blood that it was created from, it is stronger with its bloodline. The family tree is non-negotiable in that it will always be a relatable fact of composition that trickles downward and upward and outward and then back inward into everything that we are because of it.  The lessons we learn as we grow and the experiences we have through our journey here in life are bound to change us and help us evolve to become wiser, older, stronger, better versions of what we once were; if we choose to follow such a path.  Our families that we are connected to within our network of bloodline will go through failures and successes, triumphs and tribulations, rewards and setbacks, victories and defeats; much as we all do, individually.  They may feel love, hurt, pain, pleasure, joy, bliss, anguish, destruction, and regrowth among many other emotional soul experiences during our time. But when it comes down to every last drop of life that we have, it should be recognized that blood is (and always will be) innately “thicker than water”.  In water, we swim through with ease.  But with such density and complexity as blood, we stick; we stick together.  Without each other, we quite simply would not be.  This lesson should be passed down for all generations to come so human existence will never forget that we are stronger together than alone and, furthermore, to appreciate and behold gratitude for our predecessors who have given us the true birthright to live; even when they say and do careless shit to piss us off.


Compressing ache from the things I never said

Stewing in my head

The things I never said

I let ’em drop dead

Tied up in a tourniquet of rope

Holding onto hope

Concealing thoughts for me to choke

This is not a joke

Let it go so I can let it out

Through a sheltered gate of silent doubt

Released what I’m about

From the trueness of my mouth

Take a breath

I have nothing left to fear

Nothing left to lose

Hear my silence disappear

Not afraid

Of the past that I have made

Or the future of my ways

I see light among the shade


And now it comes so clear

In this moment lives no fear

My thoughts are welcome here

And the silence disappears

So go ahead

Put my limits to the test

No worries, no unrest

Because I know that I’m the best

Take a bow

Take a look around

Are you checking out the crowd

Are you coming at me now?