Sweet Apple Cider Vinegar

The night was as young as we were

In my car shining underneath the streetlights

Your eyes entranced mine like the stars and they were beautiful because I felt the youth of your happiness and excitement connect to mine

It was fresh and new and I felt you and everything you spoke to me; it was so real and felt so free

Even though we no longer speak of this I know that you’ll never forget the magic of our memory

And you’ve gone away but you always come back through all the storms and everything between cycles of love and pain

It was the curse of such betrayal from the moment that you bit into the bitter fruit laced with venom from the snake hidden in the shadows lurking in my space – a friend – or so I thought – because I trusted him – but wanted you – and so you took the bait – as predators do what they do – and I never knew if you knew how much I really wanted you

So beyond the curse of this poison, you had fled the scene and returned by the deliverance of recurring sources that came to use you as a device to compensate for their emptiness and flaunt you in my face – as the jealous will do

And you didn’t know me but you really knew

As we discovered the underlying truth

But this time was very different and we were not the same

As we have suffered loss and pain

But I was with you still because I knew how it felt to be abandoned by the love that I had

Even if it was for one night it felt like a lifetime to me

It never had to be this complicated but the best things in life don’t always deliver with ease

The only thing we need is trust and truth to break the curse and set us free

But with so much pain and loss and confusion from external sources and occurrences, you stumble over doubt

So there you go and run again – as I let you fly away – because love is free – no jealousy – but if I could keep you for myself I would

And if you ever trusted yourself to take my hand you can hold me as you should

My love, you need to heal

And no matter where you go, my friend

No matter where you fly, my dear

My love for you is real

I will see you again

But the walls are coming in

My love is very patient

But I have so much love to give

Take me

But only if you plan to keep me

Love me

Trust yourself to not deceive me

Save me

The walls are coming in




Will you be my surprise 

The one I’ve been waiting for

Will you show me I’m worth it

Show up at my door

What I never expected

And everything more

Can you make my heart open

So I can adore

The way you look at me

Like it’s never a chore

Hold my heart steady 

Wash my spirit to shore

Will you be there

Can you be where I am

You will find me again

And you’ll know who I am

I’m waiting…

Still waiting for this

But don’t stray…

From my anxious resist

It’s not you…

That makes me so far

It’s the fear of potentially falling apart

So just take me…

And don’t let me go

But don’t break me…

Cuz I already know

What it feels like…

And now that I’m good

I find safety…

Securely I would

But if you find that you must let me know

That you want me in ways from your heart- it will show

So I’ll show you all of the pieces of mine

Just stay with me now cuz it’s gonna take time

And you



And time



And everything passes…

Like the flowers do bloom

Different shades of the grasses

And the cycles of moon

The stars and the sun and the day and the night

From the castle of darkness, you took me to light

And when everything streams like the river~

The steadiness flowing together




It’s all






And this time…

There is




I’m not your Romeo

There’s nothing tragic here

I tell you once

I tell you twice

But you don’t disappear

I’m not your sweet escape

I’m not your safe place

I said it once

I said it twice

There’s a line you can’t erase

You’re knocking at my door

But I can’t find the time

You’re dialing my numbers

Leaving messages on every single line

You ask me for a minute

When have you given mine?

Took a lot of loss for me to value up my time

And now I’m doing great

That’s right- I’m doing fine

I’m too busy for your shit and I know it’s not a crime

So go sue me, bitch

Yeah- good luck with it

Running circles till your tired and I’m sitting at the switch

I’m not gonna play

This petty game with you

If you’re coming to my table don’t be bringing spoiled stew

And if you’re young and cute

Just know it’s not enough

Not even close to the point of these frames I’m looking up

And if you’re filthy rich

Just kn0w that I don’t care

I’m too busy to be trippin’ for half-hearted billionaires

If you’re notorious

And they all know your name

I have no interest to pursue any hollow hall of fame

If you’re a super-mind

I might not have the time

We only know what we know

And I know enough to know that this will rhyme

It’s getting kinda late

This moment can’t replace

The life that I create from the goodness of a Grace

It’s been really good

Taking precious time

To catch up and remind you that I’m still doing fine

I hope you’re doing well

I hope you’re feeling fine

Perhaps I’ll see you again in another moment of due time