Don’t cry, my sunshine

While there is beauty in your tears

I will wipe away your fears

From the light inside my heart

You just need a brand new start

From the loneliness you carry

The emotions that you bury

Born again like virgin Mary

Magic heals from garden fairies

New day, my sunshine

By dawn, we rise anew

Fading out from blackened blue

The sky is calling unto to you

Ascend your finest grace

You are meant to fill that space

You are the sunshine

You are the brightness of the day

You make everything okay

And when you’re not even at your best

You shine brighter than the rest

You are the sunshine

For that, I can attest

Keep on shining

And if you ever aim to fade

Bask in your moments in the shade

For every angel needs to rest

Oh dear, for that, I can attest

You are of kindred spirit

Goodwill and joyful merit

And when the moon is glowing on my hemisphere

Your light is shining everywhere

The balance of alignment

It’s our right and our assignment

Teachers teach them everything

Teach the students how to sing

How to laugh and live and love

As we guide them from above

Our work is never done

And though it is not always fun

I am the moon as you’re the sun

A model type for everyone

So we keep them looking up

To all, they can become

So if they choose

Purpose creates purpose

So much deeper than the surface

To use such power wisely

Is a gift from the highest heavens

Use it well

With light of sun and glowing moon

Together we’re defeating hell



Climbing up to the crane

I had to leave my cane

Hold the pleasure

Take the pressure

Grudging through this pain

Cutting through the chain

As the moon will wane

They say “the devil’s in the the dollar”

But I don’t feel the same

Dirty deeds I’ve slain

Yet they no longer remain

I’m doing it with love

So there is no shame

Nothing left to lose

But so much to gain


Cleanse the filth upon my hands

You’re gonna know my name

And you’ll know it well

For the good of all

Before I found the mountain

In the leaves I crawled

Searching for the truth

A place to share my youth

From the forest to fountain

From the tongue to the tooth

Communicate my glory

Share a piece of my story

I can do for you what you have done for me

A monetary stain

From all the trying strain

We deserve a piece of heaven

And it’s ours to claim

We can do it together

Community makes it better

From the angels

To the birds

Dust it off with a feather

A lighter brush of the skin

Happiness we will win

We can have what we are worth

And we can do it again

This time is ours

And it’s here right now

Pave a pathway to the future

And it’s growing tall


Natural Sensation

I can give you the best

Better than all the rest

I can provide you the cure

Attracting you with allure

Absorbing into my pure

Through every minimized pore

Essence of ease without chore

Essentially pleased; you want more

Gratify no denial

Since all I serve is the truth

The greatest gift of such nature

From the fountain of youth

From the word of my mouth

And the light in my eyes

You can feel what you see

With no conceal to disguise

Crystal clear flowing water

Though I’m no preacher’s daughter

I won’t be teaching you lies

The spirit of human

And I’m living it kind

Healing the broken

Giving sight to the blind

So if you ever once doubt

From the fear of a drought

When you’re left in the dark

And life is leaving you out

May you find your return

Back to the center of soul

And yes it will cost you

But every bridge has a toll

An even exchange

From a fair working wage

A practical trade

Among the glorious days

And once you try it yourself

You will flourish in wealth

Coming back to restock

Taking care of your health

And doing well for yourself






The Cure

There is cure for emotional pain.  There is cure for the hurt that so many of us have endured after the traumas of getting betrayed by others that our hearts have cared for.  But this cure starts within our own selves.

Many of us have been involved in that group of friends that just created chaos in our lives.  Or perhaps we’ve become emotionally involved with connections that were not as they seemed.  We trusted them with our feelings and then we’ve been shunned or stabbed by disappointments.  Or even that lover we once had who turned out to be a pathological liar or didn’t quite meet our emotional standards.  Perhaps a cheater, or an abuser, or just quite simply- not compatible.

But these are the situations in life that are meant to happen because they are meant to make us grow.  To make us evolve into more spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally mature beings; or at least that’s how it should be.

However, sometimes with pain comes loss.  We are supposed to gain from our setbacks and from our struggles but sometimes many drift away into a self loathing, people-hating, introverted culture of antitrust.  And these people are never really happy with themselves or with others even if they portray it as so.  They feel jaded and bitter and somehow become what they have went through and experienced- but not in a good way.  They become defeated.  They believe that this is how life has to be lived because they are so focused on the pain that they forget how to be happy.  To be involved, to be present, to be here, to be aware, to actually care.  To trust another we must learn to trust ourselves again.  You know… That gut instinct that says “yes this is what I actually want out of life”.  That deep rooted notion that says “I want to be happy” or “I want quality friendships, relationships, love”… and so on.  But when we slip off the rail and start treating people how we do not like to be treated or even how we may have been treated, our ego takes control over our presence and it creates a dark cloud that refuses to let happiness enter.  We ignore the people, places, and things that are out in this world trying to care about us. And, at this point, we are just letting life pass us by.

To escape such damage, there is some serious self reflection that needs to be done here.  This is when we should start to ask ourselves such questions like, “was I a nice person?” and “did I offer as much as I’ve been given by this wonderful friend of mine?” and “did I try to be involved with those who are kind?” and even “am I emotionally available?”.  By asking these questions we can find cognitive ways to take actions and make modifications to improve our spiritual well-being.  There is no need to dwell in the past and live in grief, mistakenly assuming that everyone is going to hurt you or that people will rob you of your happiness.  When you can find true console and security within yourself, you will then feel liberated enough to step back into this world with a good attitude and surround yourself with others who share the same genuine core beliefs.  It’s not necessarily easy, but it is worth it.

Some practices that can take your spirit to a place of happiness include:



Sober Living

Healthy Friendships & Relationships

Enjoying the work that you do and the people that you surround yourself with


Proper Nutrition



Spa Treatments


Getting to know new people

Going on adventures

Having authentic intimate conversations

Acts of kindness

Positive self talk

Good sleep


And sure- these may seem like the obvious but it’s crucial to be honest with ourselves as to how much effort we actually invest in such things prior to quickly writing off these cures as invalid- because -they are not only valid; they are crucial.  Most often we will eventually acknowledge that the most crucial step before practicing these steps is AWARENESS.  AWARENESS of yourSELF and AWARENESS of OTHERS.  Being AWARE that CHANGE may need to happen (by your own will to do so) for the good times to roll again.  And there you have it.  Anybody can be happy after being hurt.




You ain’t lookin now

But you will in time

You’re in the players court

And I veered off the line

Made a little mess

But I’ll be back to fine

I’ve seen this game before

You got a one track mind

My darkness sucked me in

Turned it all to blind

But I was never lost

And I know where to find

Had this all planned out

I was just doing time

Now I’m coming back

And I’ll be just fine

You can hold your breath

You can count to three

You can wait around

Until I’m a better me

You can watch me grow

You can watch me shine

But when you wait around

I won’t be on your side

I’ll tell you something-

Something about bout time

It’s valuable and precious

And I’m not wasting mine

I have a deeper purpose

I have a greater cause

I don’t really care

About the whole applause

Behind the big red curtain

And the shiny silver screen

I can only thrive

With real transparency

I want a sacred heart

So I’m gonna reach inside

Gonna clone myself

And take me for a ride

Got a lot of this

And maybe some of that

Got a lot to give

I know I want it back

And there are some things

That I do not have

But it’s not a problem

I got it in the bag

Filled it with my meat

And it’s soaking blood

Like a domino

Ricochet my flood

Messing up my hair

Playing in the mud

I can feel myself

So I’m gonna call it love

The Silent Ache

Nobody knows his pain because he covers it with strength.  Nobody knows his thoughts because he doesn’t speak about them unless asked.  Nobody knows his struggles because he handles them himself.  Nobody knows his hurt because he’s environmentally friendly; accentuating the positive for the greater good of society and himself.  So he tries, but his dry tears never seem to cry or fall.  He’s the beautiful beast behind a guarded wall.  And yet he craves intimacy so badly deep inside.  He wants a connection to another person this time.  But he can’t give it all away like he’s done it before because by letting it go to someone who doesn’t care to relate or empathise he’d be selling himself short.  So he stands tall behind his shell while thinking about how life can be such an unfair hell.  But he shows you heaven and he gives it away.  He’s your hot cup of tea on a rainy fucking day.  He’s a charm, he’s a gem, he’s titanium.  He’s quiet yet polite and sick of entertaining them.  He looks around and sees such waste of all this oxygen diminishing right before his face.  Such a bleak existence of vague and superficial while he hopes to collide into the other part of his soul.  He’s not lost- in fact he’s closer to himself than many here who dwell.  He’s just so fucking sick and tired of reserving in his shell.  Free him but only if your heart is good.  Don’t try to be him or make this about you.  This strong soul is getting tired and he needs a piece of you.

9 Lives

Squeezed out the tunnel

Pushed into an elevator

Level up- One, two

Running backwards down the escalator

Knock me down but I get back up

Fumbling around- I haven’t had enough

Crashed and burned and broke my face

Lived and learned but it’s still in place

Broke my heart a billion times

Believed in all those stupid lies

Hit and run- You did me good

You had your fun but you’re no good

Lost my job

Lost my mind

Lost it all

But I gotta stay on the grind

Get it back

I got it back

Bigger, better version

Hungry shark attack

Boom boom clap

Smickity smack

Haters pucker up for the thunder clap

Swing swing whack

Like you’re ready to attack

Dodging all your slack

Karma’s gonna get you back

I don’t play

I do not fight

But I will defend with all my might

Defeated and mistreated many times before

Taken for a fool but nevermore

You got the wool but I see right through it

Pretty dumb of you to think that I could not do it

You can test me but you’re not a school

Tricky tricky bitch thinking you’re so cool

I had 9 lives and I got many more

So watch the fuck out and hear me roar