I’m gonna let the Sun shine

Gonna let it shine down

Shine it’s light down

Down onto me now

Let the Sun shine

Gonna let it shine down

Shine it’s light down

Down onto me now

I’m gonna take it easy

Never had to be so hard

Easy breezy

Let go and fall apart

Break away from

From all restriction

Shatter from the ceiling

Mirrors of my reflection

I’m gonna let the Rain fall

Gonna let it fall down

Raining on crown

I feel it dripping down

Gonna let the Rain fall

I feel it coming down

Angel kisses on my skin

Thunderstorms and rain clouds

I’m gonna bask in the rainbow

As I wait around

For return of the Sun

But I am here right now

And I can feel the love

In every breath of my presence

As I know that love always finds a way back home

Since it never left to begin with

And as I remind myself how to feel good

My heart rises to the surface of the ocean

And again I have found the light of the Sun

So I’m gonna let the Sun shine

Gonna let it shine down

Shine it’s light down

Down onto me now

Let the Sun shine

Gonna let it shine down

Shine it’s light down

Down onto me now

Bright heat upon my skin

I feel alive again

Take me away from then

Just let it sink in

Warm light in my eyes

Now I can see again

From the pineal 3rd eye

I can see everything

I am alive again



Climbing up to the crane

I had to leave my cane

Hold the pleasure

Take the pressure

Grudging through this pain

Cutting through the chain

As the moon will wane

They say “the devil’s in the the dollar”

But I don’t feel the same

Dirty deeds I’ve slain

Yet they no longer remain

I’m doing it with love

So there is no shame

Nothing left to lose

But so much to gain


Cleanse the filth upon my hands

You’re gonna know my name

And you’ll know it well

For the good of all

Before I found the mountain

In the leaves I crawled

Searching for the truth

A place to share my youth

From the forest to fountain

From the tongue to the tooth

Communicate my glory

Share a piece of my story

I can do for you what you have done for me

A monetary stain

From all the trying strain

We deserve a piece of heaven

And it’s ours to claim

We can do it together

Community makes it better

From the angels

To the birds

Dust it off with a feather

A lighter brush of the skin

Happiness we will win

We can have what we are worth

And we can do it again

This time is ours

And it’s here right now

Pave a pathway to the future

And it’s growing tall



Strategizing specified location

He has claimed sufficient diagnostic from the surface of such a demographic

Within the square radius of my skin graph he finds pores throughout my grid

Introspective eyes unapologetically gazing along every microscopic molecule to examine the pretense of my willingly tangible disposition

He relates inwardly to the fearless vanity of mortally spiritual reflection

Finding comfort in the atmosphere; he reaches out his hand and grazes the field to feel the smooth formation of my limbs

With any notion of potentially practical configuration for such a complex composition, the stem of his brain defragments into bits and particles of space and time throughout the perplexion of dumbfounded mystery that he discovers along his journey of awareness

Consciously he is here with me; touching my legs

Subconsciously he is falling in love

Unconsciously he is finding himself in another dimension

He has risen

Spiritual Realm

Among the living there is also dead

A ghost may exist within our physical world yet they may carry a dead soul

An angel may exist within our physical world and they are here to heal, enlighten, share, and love

A spirit may exist within our physical world and they are here to learn and grow and evolve

A demon may exist within our physical world and they are the antagonists, the hurt, the pained, the suffering; who project their dark vibes onto other entities and beings which creates challenge, obstacle, lessons, growth, forgiveness, and spiritual development (in any direction)

A fallen angel may exist within our physical world and they were angels at one time yet they have been hit by a spiritual attack from a demon and their soul has and / or is currently suffering.  Fallen angels may find and embrace the warm loving light of a living angel if their soul chooses to align with such resonance.  And sometimes fallen angels cling to a dark path but they are likely to eventually mend their wings again once they allow themselves to heal with time, love, trust, and patience.

Sometimes when an angel meets a ghost the ghost faces fear and then disappears

Sometimes when an angel encounters a demon the demon will find a challenge to corrupt this angelic creature by force of destruction.  However, if the angel is strong (especially after having once already fallen and fully mended its wings) the angel will recognize and resist such blasphemous attacks.  At this point, the angel is technically an archangel or higher angel.

Spirits are free in that they may choose to go in any direction.  They are not guided by their own internal compass (yet) during the development of their time here.  Spirits are here to evolve.

Sometimes a fallen angel will encounter an angel or an archangel and the archangel may help the fallen angel mend and heal to ascend to a higher level of spirit.  But other times the fallen angel is not ready and will resist, as it is tired and weary.

Demons do have the capability of becoming light in spirit and eventually transcending into a being of spirit.  However, for a demon to evolve into spiritual awakening, the demon must be traumatized so tremendously that even its own force of badness is outdone by the backlash of its fate to overcompensate its current state of grief which may likely bring this demon to seek a higher state of being.


You made me smile

Because you cared

You made me present

When you were there

You made me laugh

When you were weird

And I loved it

And I loved that you were real

You brought me up

When I was down

You took me higher

From the ground

But it was good

And it was pure

Like a child with no judgement

This was wild and I loved it

You were you

And I left from blue


You had sunshine in your cup

And it was more then just enough

You filled me up

And then I smiled

Thank you for just being

Thank you for not fleeing

I’m glad you stay

And you don’t play

‘Least not that way

And it’s beautiful that you care

Because you like my company

And I’m okay

We’ll be okay

You bring warm light into my days

And I can feel this all the way

And I’m alive

I’m more alive

The way that we collide

And conjoin a fearless ride

‘Cuz it’s all good

Yeah this is good

You make life so much lighter

A flame without the fire

There is no burn

No such concern

‘Cuz it’s all good

It’s simply good

Unbound from complications

Gave our heart a real vacation

And here we are

We made it far

We compliment each others lives

I’m glad to be here for the ride

We made it far

Because we are

The dark that found the light

And the light that made it right

So it connects

It all connects

We are so blessed

My soul can rest

We passed the test

And I’m grateful for this blessing

I’m counting it for real

Thanking powers from the heavens

The spirits made me feel

And you are here

Yeah here we are

Finding Grace

Life is an unpredictable series of lessons learned through experiences that we face.  In such life, we travel through space and time.  During our place in this time and space we will collide into different events, situations, scenarios, circumstances, and experiences that may cause us to confront emotional and spiritual conflict.  In the midst of such unexpected conflicts, it is easy for us to become hurt and offended or to feel jaded and trapped by unfair treatment and unjust encounters.  For instance- we are doing the best that we can at our job and we get demoted or even laid off.  Or perhaps we commit to a mutually monogamous relationship with our partner to find that he or she has cheated and lied.  Or even more so we have negotiated a seemingly fair business transaction to find that the end result left us ripped-off by some underlying stipulation based upon a sneaky and selfish gain from our business partner.  Suddenly we become distraught from this feeling of betrayal or disappointment and it ignites a fire inside our emotional core of consciousness that we are thrown so far beyond our spiritual path of humanity.  We may react in ways that represent anger and hatred for such betrayals.  We may curse the name of our exes and renounce the love that we once had.  We may decimate the reputation of the company where we dedicated our hard work and time.  We may even express the bitter sorrow of grief that was unexpectedly handed to us by making business plans with the devil (always read the fine print in any contract before you sign).  But what we may come to learn from these hard experiences are lessons of how to prevent such situations from happening again, as they do not resonate with our spiritual wholeness.  And furthermore, we can understand and comply with a more graceful result in how we choose to react.  When you are light as air and get burned by the fire that you provide fuel to, the course of dark magick can eat you alive; leaving you as a pile of hot ash.  However, once ash becomes walked upon by the feet of great men and women, we can then understand alternative ways to process and handle such attacks.  When reacting to the mistreatment and injustice of evil workings in a way that replicates or mirrors the reflection of energy that seeks your soul, it is easy for us to mimic such behaviors and, in our own defense, become offensive in return.  Even though this technique can be viewed as a natural reaction to create a sense of fairness and justice for wrongdoings onto us, this type of reaction will nearly always result in defeat.  The reason that this style of reaction results in defeat is because our anger and resentment toward such spiritual attacks takes away our white magic.  An angry reaction for the sake of returning to “justice” will never create true justice because we have hopped the fence and joined the dark side.  And as a result of joining the dark side, we lose control of ourselves and allow evil forces to manipulate how we portray our character.  Dark forces (bottom-feeding sloths) seek to create company among its dark existence, as they seek no higher truth to find the happiness created from working with light.  And when allowing ourselves to join forces with such dark entities when faced with their evil ways, we can choose to react as their reflection or to ignore their existence and move forward toward the path of light where we may better belong.  From experience, I can say that the best reaction to such attacks is the capacity and strength to ignore such evil.  By doing so, we create grace within our realm of being.  However, I can also say, from experience, that by reacting in a way that reflects the pain that has been aimed toward us during such attacks, we set ourselves up to be misconstrued, misinterpreted, misjudged (about our intent), and portrayed as the weakness that we have become.  We become tarnished by the filth that we allowed ourselves to acknowledge.  The greatest lesson we develop from such experiences is that we may learn how to gracefully protect ourselves from patterns of darkness by avoiding entanglements with sociopathic, self-serving arrangements and to also ignore and disinclude the acknowledgement of their being.  When we reach this level of awareness, we find grace and higher fulfillment.  The rest will fall into place.

Natural Sensation

I can give you the best

Better than all the rest

I can provide you the cure

Attracting you with allure

Absorbing into my pure

Through every minimized pore

Essence of ease without chore

Essentially pleased; you want more

Gratify no denial

Since all I serve is the truth

The greatest gift of such nature

From the fountain of youth

From the word of my mouth

And the light in my eyes

You can feel what you see

With no conceal to disguise

Crystal clear flowing water

Though I’m no preacher’s daughter

I won’t be teaching you lies

The spirit of human

And I’m living it kind

Healing the broken

Giving sight to the blind

So if you ever once doubt

From the fear of a drought

When you’re left in the dark

And life is leaving you out

May you find your return

Back to the center of soul

And yes it will cost you

But every bridge has a toll

An even exchange

From a fair working wage

A practical trade

Among the glorious days

And once you try it yourself

You will flourish in wealth

Coming back to restock

Taking care of your health

And doing well for yourself