Sweet Apple Cider Vinegar

The night was as young as we were

In my car shining underneath the streetlights

Your eyes entranced mine like the stars and they were beautiful because I felt the youth of your happiness and excitement connect to mine

It was fresh and new and I felt you and everything you spoke to me; it was so real and felt so free

Even though we no longer speak of this I know that you’ll never forget the magic of our memory

And you’ve gone away but you always come back through all the storms and everything between cycles of love and pain

It was the curse of such betrayal from the moment that you bit into the bitter fruit laced with venom from the snake hidden in the shadows lurking in my space – a friend – or so I thought – because I trusted him – but wanted you – and so you took the bait – as predators do what they do – and I never knew if you knew how much I really wanted you

So beyond the curse of this poison, you had fled the scene and returned by the deliverance of recurring sources that came to use you as a device to compensate for their emptiness and flaunt you in my face – as the jealous will do

And you didn’t know me but you really knew

As we discovered the underlying truth

But this time was very different and we were not the same

As we have suffered loss and pain

But I was with you still because I knew how it felt to be abandoned by the love that I had

Even if it was for one night it felt like a lifetime to me

It never had to be this complicated but the best things in life don’t always deliver with ease

The only thing we need is trust and truth to break the curse and set us free

But with so much pain and loss and confusion from external sources and occurrences, you stumble over doubt

So there you go and run again – as I let you fly away – because love is free – no jealousy – but if I could keep you for myself I would

And if you ever trusted yourself to take my hand you can hold me as you should

My love, you need to heal

And no matter where you go, my friend

No matter where you fly, my dear

My love for you is real

I will see you again

But the walls are coming in

My love is very patient

But I have so much love to give

Take me

But only if you plan to keep me

Love me

Trust yourself to not deceive me

Save me

The walls are coming in



Evolutionary Passageway

It didn’t last.  But it was not failure.  It was success.

That close bond.  That friendship.  That relationship.  That lover.  That connection you had.  Those moments you shared.  Those lessons you learned.  The maturing you’ve done. The growth you’ve accomplished.  Though you may have grown apart.  Though you may have gone separate ways.  Though you may have lost touch.  Though you may have broken up.  Though they may have passed.  This was not a failure.  This was an experience that changed you.  Because of this, you’ve evolved into a new awakening that constitutes as success.  You lived.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  Congratulate yourself and enjoy what is now.

The job.  The career.  The workforce.  The team.  The colleagues.  The staff.  The group.  The experience you had.  The things you learned.  The money you made.  The contracts you signed.  The services you provided.  The products you sold.  The networks you’ve branched out toward.  The promotions you’ve earned.  The bonus check.  The times in the office and the times in the store.  The meetings.  The stock-taking.  The accomplishments.  Though they may no longer be.  Though these may no longer pay.  Though you may no longer associate.  Though this may no longer propel.  You did it.  This was not a failure.  This was an experience that changed you and helped you grow.  Pat yourself on the back for learning so much.  Congratulate yourself for the connections you made, for the products you sold, for the services you provided, and for the bonds that you created.  Though this did not last, it made you evolve into who you are today.  Congratulate yourself and enjoy what is now.

The home.  The apartment.  The roommates.  The solitude.  The atmosphere.  The environment.  The scenery.  The remodeling.  The rent.  The mortgage.  The lawn work.  The bills.  The repairs.  The design.  The furniture.  The food.  The moments in your living room and the dreams from your bedroom.  The cleansing in your bathroom and the master (or disaster) chef moments in your kitchen.  Though this may no longer be your home.  Though this may no longer be your space.  Though this may no longer be your scenery, your environment, your circumstance, your living quarters – it was your sanctuary.  It was your core.  It was your foundation.  It was your safe haven.  It was your base.  It was your security.  Wherever you are going.  Wherever you may end up.  You lived.  You survived.  And this gave you experience.  It gave you shelter.  It protected your life.  And you made it home.  Though this may no longer be, do not fret.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  Congratulate yourself and enjoy what is now.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed.