You’ve taken everything from me

I am so generous

You keep taking everything from me that I have to offer

Were you expecting me to be your slave – I am not

The world needs more people like me, it’s true

But oh so many less of you

Because you take everything and anything you can get

While you play the victim and that’s how you get ahead

And you are the definition of pain

And your soul bears such hideous behavior

You are a succubus

You are the overindulgent serpent that rapes the good souls of the world

And when your power runs short and people get sick of playing your game and feeding you for everything you take you will be lonely and miserable just as you’ve portrayed

I’m not your bitch

I’m not your slave

I’ve done so much for you

And I can’t keep living life this way

I deserve much better

I deserve to be treated fair

You have no love

Just all these words with nothing there

I can’t change you

A statue never moves

You are the snakes and stones from the Medusa

And you’ll never steal my shoes

So I will walk away

I’ll just walk away from you

Unspoken Promise

You don’t have to tell me that you like me

You don’t have to tell me that you care

You don’t have to flatter me with kindness

The dryness of your words abandon me in despair

You don’t have to say another word

You don’t have to feed a man that’s whole

I’m not starving for your offerings of emptiness

All this talk has made this life just feel so cold

It goes round and round and it’s spinning like a record

Rotation of recycled sound I’ve heard so many times

But you never gave me love

You make it seem so hard to find

So I close my eyes and I inhale all these dreams that still my mind

And I’m settled with a piece of something I have yet to find

Will I know what it feels like to tangle up through time

Take me off the track from the records of the blind

And I keep spinning

Let me go

All this winning is aging my old soul

So let me go

Just let me go so I can fly away in peace from all the fizzy shallow noise

Let me go to a place where my spirit senses poise

Let me have a chance to feel I’ve made a better choice

Let my past disappear so I can hear your voice

But only if it’s true

And only if it’s real

And only if gives my heart a reason left to feel


The Top Line

The Top Line – A Universal Guide For Good Living

In a world of various cultures, religions, beliefs, spiritualities, systems, and codes of conduct, there has been vast confusion and conflict among our differences in humanity.

Through my observation, I have found great similarities in all of these differences yet have come to realize that the greatest thing that conflicts us within our own species is the fact that we do not all necessarily speak the same language- and when I say, “speak the same language” I do not mean that in a literal sense.  What I mean is that we all have very different ways of communicating.  Whether is be an actual variation of language, or slang, or self-expression, or moral understanding for and of ourselves and each other, there is a major lack of mental cognisance that connects our universal language to truly comprehend and abide by the codes of conduct that should not be crossed or betrayed.  I find that so very often, our hearts and our boundaries and limits are betrayed by the laziness and careless unawareness of our actions and words and because of such behavior, conflict and separation is created.  When a large separation such as this occurs it creates an unspoken yet very real epidemic of weakness.  We are stronger together than we are apart.

So how can this be resolved?  Well, this is the beginning of our resolution.  No matter who you are or where you’re from or what you did, we ALL have the power and capability to reconnect and become strong again.

The following is a list of universal scenarios and ethics comprised from universal root sources that will benefit any and all living humans without conflict but furthermore for the better construction and reconstruction of our human bond and community strength around the world.  The following list is a globalized code that, if and when it is followed, will strengthen the core, structure, foundation, production, and reproduction of humanity as a whole.  Study and practice the list as follows while keeping in mind that this is not outlines by order of importance, as all codes are created equal since they are universal.

Universal Codes:

  1.  Do not lie.  Whether your intention may be good or bad or anywhere in between, a lie is false and therefore creates an illusion.  Illusion will never create anything real.  Illusion will break hearts, destroy lives, and lead to false hope.  Honesty is the only REAL answer.  The “white lie” theory is ineffective and should not be utilized in any situation.  For instance- if someone asks your opinion you should provide an honest answer BUT you can still do so in a way that is not harsh.  Learn to use your words in an honest but friendly way.  After all- we are all entitled to have and express our REAL opinions and we can do it in a way that is not only genuine but also gentle.  With this code also comes the sub-stipulation that even though we should not ever lie, we should also know when to not speak.  Just because you have an opinion or something to say doesn’t mean that you should ALWAYS say it.  If it is destructive, hurtful, rude, egotistical / ego-driven, harmful, or degrading, you should most certainly contain that information since it is completely unnecessary. Refocus on building and sharing positive truth to share with yourself and others and it will come back to you.  You have the power to share the honesty of good truth.
  2. Do Not Steal.  If you need or want something that is not yours or that doesn’t belong to you, don’t take it.  If you earn it, keep it.  If you pay for it, it’s yours.  If you provide fair trade and have made a deal, then so be it.  But to steal means that you are taking something from someone else that does not belong to you.  Yes, you may be struggling and feel that you need or deserve this object more than the person or people that own it.  But this is completely false!  You do not know what this person or group of people had to do to earn what they possess.  Everybody has a story of how they earned what they have and how they got to where they are and how they became who they are.  So for you or anyone to take something that doesn’t belong to you from another source is completely wrong, damaging, and quite sadly self-entitled and ignorant.  You are better off asking for help.  You may find yourself surprised by how many people would be willing to help you succeed if you are truly struggling.  But remember- not everyone is going to say “yes”.  But just because some will not be willing to help doesnt mean that others will not.  Keep trying but also remember that EVERYTHING has a price and nothing in this life was meant to naturally come easily.  If you want something you must earn it.  There are plenty of non-conventional ways to trade and earn things among our species.  But we must do so with honesty, integrity, and communication.  We must be humble enough to ask for help and sometimes even explain our situation to help others understand why we need help.  And we will find that there are many out there who will have the compassion to make the time to work out a situation that will benefit BOTH of you!  Be fair and do NOT ever steal!
  3. Do not cheat.  Cheating is quite simply another form of a lie.  If you bind yourself to an agreement with another, do not break that agreement.  Do not go against what you have agreed to do with the other person or group of people.  In the event you would like to opt out of whatever agreement or binding that you have created, you must FIRST communicate that to the person or people with whom you have established such agreements.  After you have clearly, openly, and honestly made sure that the other person or people know that you have decided that you no longer want to uphold your agreements, then you are free to do as you choose because you no longer have any agreement to abide by.  But if you choose to break an agreement without closing the deal, then you are a cheater.  Cheating is betrayal and it will come back to haunt you.  Do not EVER cheat!
  4. Accentuate the positive.  When it comes to your own self and others, you should always strive to recognize and express the good qualities.  Say and do things that are nice and uplifting to yourself and to others.  Why be rude, sarcastic, degrading, and destructive when you can actually contribute to spiritual growth?  Why damage someone’s heart or hurt their feelings when you have the power to make them feel better?  It is your right and duty to spread happiness rather than greif. And if you have a difficult time being nice to yourself and others then perhaps you really need to reevaluate your integrity and ask yourself why you are in so much pain.  Then once your realize why you are hurting you can find creative ways to fix your problems or accept what you cannot control and focus on the good things that you actually DO have.  Everyone is going to have struggles and things that are imperfect.  There is no absolute perfect but we all have the power to make life a better existence when we notice and appreciate the good things and as a result of that we will be appreciated and noticed for being good to ourselves and the world around us.

Goal:  Practice these codes and notice how much your life changes for the better over time.  You deserve it.  You are worth it.  So do yourself and the world around you a favor and live in harmony with happiness and life-changing ethics on your side and reap the rewards.  You will be so very glad that you did.  And if you already are practicing these codes, I want to sincerely thank you for everything that you contribute to this world.  You are truly amazing!  ❤

Social Skills (Lesson 1)


As the world population continues to grow and technology rampantly progresses, society has consequently evolved in synch with the scattered distribution of this evolution.  Social media and other forms of web data have provided a great deal of easily accessible information, contacts, and forms of medium, however, amidst the surplus of intangible resources, much of our societal aspects have been lost in the fog; so-to-speak.

I, myself, and many others have witnessed the decline and abandonment of classic, timeless, and highly effective social skills that genuinely connect people together to build strong social networks, communities, relationships, and families.  Being a person who was fortunate enough to have been taught and acquired these social skills (some by learned instruction and some by sought instruction) I feel it only proper to share my knowledge and resources for anyone to utilize in their own daily lives to help them achieve a true sense of connectedness among others and accomplishment from such connectedness.  To have witnessed so many who do not have nor utilize such skills and see the outcome of their suffering because of it inspires me to offer some valuable insight to strengthen their character and their overall well-being.  The following list is a composition of basic social skills to apply in your daily life; whether it be at your workplace, your local community, among family and friends, or even via social networking.  Here’s the list:


Make Eye Contact When Speaking With Someone

~Making eye contact when you are conversing with someone is essential because it shows that person that you are genuinely interested in what he or she has to say.  In this very busy modern world that we live in, we are not all granted with an abundance of excess time. So, it should be known that to really gain someone’s respect, you should make eye contact when speaking to someone.  You don’t necessarily have to stare the whole entire time you speak.  Of course, there may be moments that you may look away to think of what you’re saying.  But a clear visual effort to look at someone’s eyes when they are speaking to you and when you are speaking to them will demonstrate a sense of connectedness and respect and as a result of that, you will likely be setting yourself up for that person to willingly speak to you again.  If you want to be valued as important and worthy among others, you should make eye contact with whom you are associating with so they feel valued and worthy among your presence.  And in the event you do not care to associate with someone, then let your eyes wander- but don’t expect much from that person in the future.  A good first impression goes a long way.

The 3 Charms

The 3 charms are:  “Please”, “Thank You”, and “You’re Welcome”.  I refer to these valuable phrases as charms because they are essential toppings on the sweetest cake you will ever metaphorically taste- when given the chance!  If you are asking someone for a favor or some help, you should always say “please” when asking.  Even if you are a boss or a manager or a teacher or a parent or a spouse- You should always utilize “please”.  No title or level of “power” should bypass your usage of this word because regardless of your social status or position in life it is the nice and respectful thing to do.  Saying, “Hey, John Doe.  Can you please pass the sugar for my tea”, is a good example of how rich your character is.  Ultimately, we don’t care if you are monetarily wealthy or poor because it is one’s character that will not be forgotten.  So I ask everyone to please contribute something good to the table of society and use the word please- please.  From there, we get into “thank you”.  Saying “thank you” provides a confirmation that you actually appreciate what someone has done for or said to you.  Whether it be a favor, a task that has been fulfilled, or even a compliment given, you should always say “thank you” to express your gratitude for another person’s efforts.  For instance- if your friend compliments your new hairstyle and expresses that he or she really thinks it’s a good look on you, you should say “thank you” even if you already know that your hair looks nice.  Saying “I know” or saying nothing at all is a clear sign of taking someone’s generous compliment for granted and clearly shows that you do not value that person’s opinion. Good luck hearing nice things about yourself again with such behavior and social irresponsibility.  In a world where so many hurt and rude people will easily tear each other down because of their own self-projected critical insecurities, it’s nice to accept and appreciate words of kindness and keep that fire alive.  Take a moment to show someone that you appreciate their kindness and say “thank you”.  When someone holds the door open for you, say “thank you”.  Please just say “thank you”.  You’ll be doing yourself and the world around you a favor.  Furthermore, after someone says “thank you”, you should reply by saying “you’re welcome”, which concludes that you are on the same page- present and aware of your company.

The Golden Rule / Karma / The 3-Fold Law 

Call it what you want, but in any social structure, it is known that you should treat others how you would hope to be treated.  If you completely neglect someone’s cause for life or if you take advantage of them for your own selfish gain even if that means hurting that person, it will catch up to you in other ways.  If you don’t treat people with respect you will push them away and reduce the connectedness of society.  Always keep your conscience aware and don’t take advantage of people in malicious or spiteful ways.  Evaluate potential jealousy or malicious intent and find the root of any internal problems you have and fix them.  Heal yourself and be good to others and life will be very good to you!  Self-evaluation and self-care are a great start to character building.  If you can’t love and respect yourself, how are you going to love and respect anyone else?  And if you can’t love and respect others, who is going to love and respect you?  Life doesn’t have to be that lonely.

Acts Of Kindness

When you have extra love or time or things to give that you do not need, pass them on to someone who could use it more than you.  Whether it’s your time, your company, your friendship or advice or a listening ear or even something of value that you have no use for and is collecting dust on some shelf that you have, pay it forward dear.  In a world of shared resources, being an overindulgent hoarder is never a good thing.  Share your love and love will be shared with you.

With practice and usage of these social skills, your life will become better.  Thank you for reading and good luck on your new adventures- you deserve it!

The Cure

There is cure for emotional pain.  There is cure for the hurt that so many of us have endured after the traumas of getting betrayed by others that our hearts have cared for.  But this cure starts within our own selves.

Many of us have been involved in that group of friends that just created chaos in our lives.  Or perhaps we’ve become emotionally involved with connections that were not as they seemed.  We trusted them with our feelings and then we’ve been shunned or stabbed by disappointments.  Or even that lover we once had who turned out to be a pathological liar or didn’t quite meet our emotional standards.  Perhaps a cheater, or an abuser, or just quite simply- not compatible.

But these are the situations in life that are meant to happen because they are meant to make us grow.  To make us evolve into more spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally mature beings; or at least that’s how it should be.

However, sometimes with pain comes loss.  We are supposed to gain from our setbacks and from our struggles but sometimes many drift away into a self loathing, people-hating, introverted culture of antitrust.  And these people are never really happy with themselves or with others even if they portray it as so.  They feel jaded and bitter and somehow become what they have went through and experienced- but not in a good way.  They become defeated.  They believe that this is how life has to be lived because they are so focused on the pain that they forget how to be happy.  To be involved, to be present, to be here, to be aware, to actually care.  To trust another we must learn to trust ourselves again.  You know… That gut instinct that says “yes this is what I actually want out of life”.  That deep rooted notion that says “I want to be happy” or “I want quality friendships, relationships, love”… and so on.  But when we slip off the rail and start treating people how we do not like to be treated or even how we may have been treated, our ego takes control over our presence and it creates a dark cloud that refuses to let happiness enter.  We ignore the people, places, and things that are out in this world trying to care about us. And, at this point, we are just letting life pass us by.

To escape such damage, there is some serious self reflection that needs to be done here.  This is when we should start to ask ourselves such questions like, “was I a nice person?” and “did I offer as much as I’ve been given by this wonderful friend of mine?” and “did I try to be involved with those who are kind?” and even “am I emotionally available?”.  By asking these questions we can find cognitive ways to take actions and make modifications to improve our spiritual well-being.  There is no need to dwell in the past and live in grief, mistakenly assuming that everyone is going to hurt you or that people will rob you of your happiness.  When you can find true console and security within yourself, you will then feel liberated enough to step back into this world with a good attitude and surround yourself with others who share the same genuine core beliefs.  It’s not necessarily easy, but it is worth it.

Some practices that can take your spirit to a place of happiness include:



Sober Living

Healthy Friendships & Relationships

Enjoying the work that you do and the people that you surround yourself with


Proper Nutrition



Spa Treatments


Getting to know new people

Going on adventures

Having authentic intimate conversations

Acts of kindness

Positive self talk

Good sleep


And sure- these may seem like the obvious but it’s crucial to be honest with ourselves as to how much effort we actually invest in such things prior to quickly writing off these cures as invalid- because -they are not only valid; they are crucial.  Most often we will eventually acknowledge that the most crucial step before practicing these steps is AWARENESS.  AWARENESS of yourSELF and AWARENESS of OTHERS.  Being AWARE that CHANGE may need to happen (by your own will to do so) for the good times to roll again.  And there you have it.  Anybody can be happy after being hurt.



Just Me

Turned on the TV again

And what did I see

But another hot topic

With no relevance to me

Patronizing women

For having thick bodies

But I’m just a man

You don’t know, or forgot me

Flipping through channels

Of horrific news stories

Race wars and scandals

Ununified glories

Shootings and terror

But nothing seemed real

Unresemblent of life

The chaos it steals

Shutting it down

With my power button

Escaping the noise

From belligerent gluttons

In the midst of my silence

I transformed into peace

But was lonely and quiet

A yearning release

I wanted to feel

I wanted to touch

I needed it real

I wanted so much

So I went for a walk

Not passing a soul

I wanted to talk

But no ears to console

I wanted to belong

But there was nothing to grip

No juice from life’s fruit

Not even a sip

Vacant relation

From the death of their eyes

Distant vacation

Detached in my cries

No words from the mouths

That had nothing to say

No glances in sight

That were hoping to stay

I felt I was fading

My beauty gone stray

In a world of connection

That has broken away

Common small talk

So bittersweet short

Ethical social jargon

Blandly distort

Grazing the surface

Away from my mind

Boring and lonely

These are the times

It’s better than hurt

And better than pain

Safer than drama and chaos again

Cleaner than filth

Away from betrayal

No knives in my back

I guess it’s okay though

Evaluating this

From what I have had

Though it seems boring

It’s really not that bad

So here I am

Alone again

I find myself

My very best friend

So here I am

All I wanted to be

You may never know me

But I am just me

So here I am

Everything that I know

Maybe you’ll see me

I’ll be fine if you don’t



Lost Diamond

So I’ve been using my blog to write a lot of poems and express thoughts, feelings, and stories through creative writing.  I was reading a blog entry from someone I follow on here and it suggested to write a blurb of honest thoughts.  So that inspired me to sit down and just let it all out.  I’ve had this ongoing battle in my mind about people and society and how my perception of certain entities makes me cringe and run astray from this sometimes belligerent culture of social networking.

Before I continue with my expressive pile of verbal excretion, allow me to provide a little description of myself.  I’m a 28-year-old single gay man living in a small, boring-ass town that lacks a sense of culture, taste, variety, and opportunity.  The boredom in itself is exhausting.  Other frequent subsidies include a system of injustice, ignorance, and a backwards realm of societal “standards” of conduct.  That alone will provide a good representation to accompany my perception.

So here goes…

First, I don’t get out much.  I’d love to get out more but the town where I reside lacks a fluent flow of public transportation.  In addition to that, I am undergoing circumstances that do not allow me to drive myself anywhere.  Therefore, my travels are limited, sadly. And even if there was another way (aside from walking or cycling) to get around, there’s literally nothing much to do around here. We have a shit ton of gas stations, pizza shops, and random local establishments.  I could probably go cow-tipping in the hills if I wanted to hike up the highway for four hours to find a silent farm but frankly, I’m not that pathetic and have better shit to do.  I don’t have a taste for drugs or alcohol or getting “turnt”, as Miley enthusiasts would call it.  There is nothing city-like or fast-paced about this place. I consider myself to be someone who is fast-paced; mentally and physically.  I think a lot and I think quickly.  I’m ready to get shit done.  I like to move.  I cannot find satisfaction in just sitting around.  Many of the creatures around me have observed me as ADHD or “crazy” yet none of them are doctors. They haven’t even gone to college and probably don’t know how to solve a basic algebra problem, let alone read a novel.  Amid any invalid psychoanalytical diagnosis, I must also endure the dead presence of the locals anytime I go out.  Through my travels of this ghost town, I find it extremely awkward and vacant in its existence.  People don’t make eye contact, they are not friendly (even if you are spending money at their sad little store), and my ideas are too extreme or incomprehensible for one to consider “normal”.

So there’s a line here.  This line separates two types of people that I’ve encountered. Some of these people are just distant dwellers of existence that have no substance to connect with while the other type resembles a Pleasantville-ish, robotic, simple, put-on-your-fake-smile-and-keep-preaching-about-the-good-word vibe.  The 2nd type generally tends to delve into hobbies such as the typical small town gossip and who’s fucking who and “did you see what this person did?!” and then they continue to exaggerate about how wonderful they think they are and brag about their mediocre assets.

So as an attempt to escape this redundant madness, I go on Facebook in hopes to indulge in social networking with others who may have a like-mind or something of substance to converse about.  But no!  Everyone seems to be incredibly reserved or immature and throwing up a bitch induced rage about their political views and how they think Trump is the worst thing since Elvis.  I personally don’t give a fuck about politics or sports or what the Kardashians are doing or not doing this week.  So again, I find a lack of substance.  Sure, there’s some hot bodybuilder looking guys who are nice to check out but they sit around their messy apartment all day and share redundant photos of themselves flexing and bitching about protein and their routine trip to the gym.  I can smell them through their photos and I can’t help but think about what a sad waste of beauty that is.  It would be like talking to a wall, and it usually is.  Perhaps I’m just not compelled by egotistical neanderthals who continually seek validation and then ignore everyone and anyone who shows them attention.  But hey- whatever helps them sleep at night, I guess.  And then there are those persistent creeps.  The ones that will invade your inbox with repetitive messages constantly begging for your attention.  And you don’t want to be mean to them because they are nice but then it gets to the point where it’s overbearing.  These messages generally derive from a range of people that are old and lonely, old and married and lonely, lonely and jobless with too much time on their hands, and those who lay in bed all day hoping for a miracle.

So I guess my whole entire point in this is… I feel like I am that random person in the middle of this world who embodies substance and many good qualities.  I strive to enjoy life but find other entities of life around me to be dull and empty.  I feel better when I am alone because I am not misunderstood or harassed.  I am alone but I am not lonely.  I feel more alone when I am around people that suck the energy, life and soul out of me.  Yet, simultaneously, it’s true that I do sometimes long for another strong human connection. My life is good and I am satisfied but it would be nice and interesting to have more.  I know and truly believe that there are others out there like me.  Intelligent attractive people who can appreciate a balanced quality of life and offer the same level or wavelength of energy as what they would expect.  Something rare and something real.