You’ve taken everything from me

I am so generous

You keep taking everything from me that I have to offer

Were you expecting me to be your slave – I am not

The world needs more people like me, it’s true

But oh so many less of you

Because you take everything and anything you can get

While you play the victim and that’s how you get ahead

And you are the definition of pain

And your soul bears such hideous behavior

You are a succubus

You are the overindulgent serpent that rapes the good souls of the world

And when your power runs short and people get sick of playing your game and feeding you for everything you take you will be lonely and miserable just as you’ve portrayed

I’m not your bitch

I’m not your slave

I’ve done so much for you

And I can’t keep living life this way

I deserve much better

I deserve to be treated fair

You have no love

Just all these words with nothing there

I can’t change you

A statue never moves

You are the snakes and stones from the Medusa

And you’ll never steal my shoes

So I will walk away

I’ll just walk away from you


It was secondary

It was so voluntary

It was a misconception of a notion from uncertified authority

It was a petty fee

It was a bargain plea

It was the saddest cold case if you ever did see

It was a penny drop

It was a flip flop

It was minor in a fraction of percentages we top

Not mathematical

Not so compatible

It was a pesky little itch and so we had to knock it off

Let it go away

Just let it fall apart

Let it roll right off the edge back to the entrance from its start


I did what I had to do

And for the critics out there- I did it better than you

Judge me if you must

I can still fuck your mind up with a single thrust

Now let me tell you, “I don’t owe you shit”

That’s right- time served

And I finished it

Not gonna carry guilt upon my back

I paid my dues so you can pay me back

I walked through the fire

Bet your ass it burned

But you can pick up the check as far as I’m concerned

Ran circles here ~ around the track

With my eyes wide shut ~ picking up your slack

What more could I possibly owe

Nothing more from this freebie one-man show

Nothing left to give

But you want the glory

You can have what you earn

I can tell you stories

My dirt has settled in the past

Cleaned my plate and finished last

Happy endings come to rise

See the fire in my eyes

You can have what you can give

The choice is yours by how you live

Made the cut

Cashed the bill

Swallowed all those jagged pills

Cut the cake

Smashed the thrill

Wiping ass with dollar bills







Do not pass forth lesser power created beneath rhythmic frequencies vibrating through magnified light-layers of bliss.

Love is dangerous.

It can devour you among its consumption and dispose of you at its own fate…

From broken glass – becomes a reflection of freedom

With freedom_ I found choice/

With choice_ I found purpose/

And now I am here.

(Lucky me)

^      Let it melt into serum
        ^^    Let it dazzle through flame

                                        ^^^  Let it know to be known

                                                         to know well enough to be well-known again___!

Come as it may

May let it come right

Blessed breath of my morning

And moon of my night

Come as it will

The very damn best

To cherish and pester

And shit on his chest

Lay flat on his lap and let out a fart

Tell him it’s mustard and mayonnaise apart

Make him throw up with my sickening jokes

And cry like a bitch when it’s hitting his throat

Wipe off his tears as he’s dribbling juice

Slip him a quarter and maybe a fruit

An apple, perhaps

Or just the raw core

Coming up ratchet

Like the North Eastern Shore (sorry bout it)

Shit happens- it does

It’s much better than bore

Mindfully shaken apart on the floor

With a place in my heart that makes me want more

The presence of humor one cannot ignore

So I laugh at this bittersweet pile of life

The irony tickles my fancy all night

Toss back a shot and wipe off my mouth

Unspoken yet written for words to come out

A little of that with a little of this

Call it a life but make it feel bliss


Climbing up to the crane

I had to leave my cane

Hold the pleasure

Take the pressure

Grudging through this pain

Cutting through the chain

As the moon will wane

They say “the devil’s in the the dollar”

But I don’t feel the same

Dirty deeds I’ve slain

Yet they no longer remain

I’m doing it with love

So there is no shame

Nothing left to lose

But so much to gain


Cleanse the filth upon my hands

You’re gonna know my name

And you’ll know it well

For the good of all

Before I found the mountain

In the leaves I crawled

Searching for the truth

A place to share my youth

From the forest to fountain

From the tongue to the tooth

Communicate my glory

Share a piece of my story

I can do for you what you have done for me

A monetary stain

From all the trying strain

We deserve a piece of heaven

And it’s ours to claim

We can do it together

Community makes it better

From the angels

To the birds

Dust it off with a feather

A lighter brush of the skin

Happiness we will win

We can have what we are worth

And we can do it again

This time is ours

And it’s here right now

Pave a pathway to the future

And it’s growing tall



Strategizing specified location

He has claimed sufficient diagnostic from the surface of such a demographic

Within the square radius of my skin graph he finds pores throughout my grid

Introspective eyes unapologetically gazing along every microscopic molecule to examine the pretense of my willingly tangible disposition

He relates inwardly to the fearless vanity of mortally spiritual reflection

Finding comfort in the atmosphere; he reaches out his hand and grazes the field to feel the smooth formation of my limbs

With any notion of potentially practical configuration for such a complex composition, the stem of his brain defragments into bits and particles of space and time throughout the perplexion of dumbfounded mystery that he discovers along his journey of awareness

Consciously he is here with me; touching my legs

Subconsciously he is falling in love

Unconsciously he is finding himself in another dimension

He has risen

Devils Deal

I sold my soul to the devil

And I’m gonna watch it burn

I sold my soul to diablo

For another lesson learned


All the sweetness and compassion

I somehow lost the time

Through a lonesome intravenous

I have nothing left to find

But somehow I keep searching

For a greater piece of life

As I play among the dead

Slaving for a higher price


I sold my soul to the devil

And I’m gonna watch it burn

I sold my soul to diablo

For another lesson learned


What do I owe you?

But first- What have you done for me?

My dear, I work for the devil

And he keeps my soul busy

What do you seek?

Why do you come to me?

I sold my time to the devil

Compensate my company

If this is where you choose to be

I have a deal he made with me

My time is never really free

And that’s just how it’s sold to be


I sold my soul to the devil

And I’m gonna watch it burn

I sold my soul to diablo

For another lesson learned


Wicked good intentions

I’m here to make my way

From a past of broken dreams

For my bed that I must lay

Rearranging time

Hustle hard within my grind

Making up for all I lost

Contracted oaths I swore and signed


I sold my soul to the devil

And I’m gonna watch it burn

I sold my soul to diablo

For another lesson learned


Focused on the fire

Raging through my veins

Sweating through the process

Swallowing my pains

Scratch the itch of my desires

Living fast to fill my cup

No stops to count my gains

I’ve not yet had enough

Measure up to pleasure

But first I hunt and gather

Reaching for the treasure

Survival from the splatter


I sold my soul to the devil

And I’m gonna watch it burn

I sold my soul to diablo

For another lesson learned


Correlate to compensate

For agreements that I made

Burning through the roses

With short remissions in the shade

Time is what I gave

And this time is due to pass

From the middle man time fades

But one day I’ll have my laugh

My moment in the Sun

A peak of pleasure and of fun

A curse that comes undone

For such a triumph to be won

When all agreements have come done


I sold my soul to the devil

And I’m gonna watch it burn

I sold my soul to diablo

For another lesson learned