Don’t cry, my sunshine

While there is beauty in your tears

I will wipe away your fears

From the light inside my heart

You just need a brand new start

From the loneliness you carry

The emotions that you bury

Born again like virgin Mary

Magic heals from garden fairies

New day, my sunshine

By dawn, we rise anew

Fading out from blackened blue

The sky is calling unto to you

Ascend your finest grace

You are meant to fill that space

You are the sunshine

You are the brightness of the day

You make everything okay

And when you’re not even at your best

You shine brighter than the rest

You are the sunshine

For that, I can attest

Keep on shining

And if you ever aim to fade

Bask in your moments in the shade

For every angel needs to rest

Oh dear, for that, I can attest

You are of kindred spirit

Goodwill and joyful merit

And when the moon is glowing on my hemisphere

Your light is shining everywhere

The balance of alignment

It’s our right and our assignment

Teachers teach them everything

Teach the students how to sing

How to laugh and live and love

As we guide them from above

Our work is never done

And though it is not always fun

I am the moon as you’re the sun

A model type for everyone

So we keep them looking up

To all, they can become

So if they choose

Purpose creates purpose

So much deeper than the surface

To use such power wisely

Is a gift from the highest heavens

Use it well

With light of sun and glowing moon

Together we’re defeating hell


Mr. Potato Head Game

You desire the model

So you turn on your static box

To become engulfed within its noisy film

Your eyes- sunken in

It becomes you

And you become all of its illusion

So you disappear

Far into a sale

Motivating you to feel

To believe

To be

To exist

Suddenly you discover

That and Ipod will make you happy

And that sex really does sell

But you haven’t been laid in 5 years

And you can’t afford an Ipod

Because your ass hasn’t left the couch

And you have no friends

No skill

Just eyes

Sunken into the illusion that you’ve become

Would you like fries with that?