Unspoken Promise

You don’t have to tell me that you like me

You don’t have to tell me that you care

You don’t have to flatter me with kindness

The dryness of your words abandon me in despair

You don’t have to say another word

You don’t have to feed a man that’s whole

I’m not starving for your offerings of emptiness

All this talk has made this life just feel so cold

It goes round and round and it’s spinning like a record

Rotation of recycled sound I’ve heard so many times

But you never gave me love

You make it seem so hard to find

So I close my eyes and I inhale all these dreams that still my mind

And I’m settled with a piece of something I have yet to find

Will I know what it feels like to tangle up through time

Take me off the track from the records of the blind

And I keep spinning

Let me go

All this winning is aging my old soul

So let me go

Just let me go so I can fly away in peace from all the fizzy shallow noise

Let me go to a place where my spirit senses poise

Let me have a chance to feel I’ve made a better choice

Let my past disappear so I can hear your voice

But only if it’s true

And only if it’s real

And only if gives my heart a reason left to feel



Europe in my veins

I want passion

I want blood

Right side of my brain

I want art

I want love

Aching in my pain

In this tiny little town

Justify the silence

Of this paranormal sound

American, I am

Is it free

Or am I bound

Basic trends

Of the season

Repetition all around

Stay inside the lines

As they tell me how to be

My heart is sadly yearning

For piece of liberty

Labeling my worth

With these corporate social standards

Ignorant- the dirt

Feeling lost among these bland herds

Environmental motion

Constricting by its chains

Searching for escape

For I am not the same

Let me live

Let me be

Let me fly

Let me free

Let me love

Let me dream

Let me find a place to be

Take me with the wind

Take me far away

Take me out to play

Where my heart and soul can stay

Take me to the garden

Take me to the sea

Take me to the forest

Bring me to the trees

Angel, hold me close

Bring your light to me

A circumstance by chance

Send me love to set me free

Angel, hear my call

As you know that I can’t leave

This is where I am

So send your love to me