I’m gonna let the Sun shine

Gonna let it shine down

Shine it’s light down

Down onto me now

Let the Sun shine

Gonna let it shine down

Shine it’s light down

Down onto me now

I’m gonna take it easy

Never had to be so hard

Easy breezy

Let go and fall apart

Break away from

From all restriction

Shatter from the ceiling

Mirrors of my reflection

I’m gonna let the Rain fall

Gonna let it fall down

Raining on crown

I feel it dripping down

Gonna let the Rain fall

I feel it coming down

Angel kisses on my skin

Thunderstorms and rain clouds

I’m gonna bask in the rainbow

As I wait around

For return of the Sun

But I am here right now

And I can feel the love

In every breath of my presence

As I know that love always finds a way back home

Since it never left to begin with

And as I remind myself how to feel good

My heart rises to the surface of the ocean

And again I have found the light of the Sun

So I’m gonna let the Sun shine

Gonna let it shine down

Shine it’s light down

Down onto me now

Let the Sun shine

Gonna let it shine down

Shine it’s light down

Down onto me now

Bright heat upon my skin

I feel alive again

Take me away from then

Just let it sink in

Warm light in my eyes

Now I can see again

From the pineal 3rd eye

I can see everything

I am alive again


The Greatest Illusion



___The greatest illusion is doubt.

Doubt being – The false idea that you will never be “good enough”, so-to-speak, as to fit a standardized mold or expectation that the pressure of seemingly hierarchical figures and ideas present themselves to be.  But that is not merely the illusion in itself.  No, you see… The greatest illusion is the belief that we must strive to be something we are not for the mere sake of social acceptance.  That is the greatest illusion; conformity to an unnatural state of being.  And even though we can choose to live well among others with dignity, grace, and respect – our soul mission is to be entirely true to our inner selves while enjoying the wonder of the world around us.  It’s a beautiful thing once we find the power within ourselves to surpass the dimension of being bound to the greatest illusion that limits our happiness.  At this point, we have achieved true freedom to live rather than exist.


~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

The Cure

There is cure for emotional pain.  There is cure for the hurt that so many of us have endured after the traumas of getting betrayed by others that our hearts have cared for.  But this cure starts within our own selves.

Many of us have been involved in that group of friends that just created chaos in our lives.  Or perhaps we’ve become emotionally involved with connections that were not as they seemed.  We trusted them with our feelings and then we’ve been shunned or stabbed by disappointments.  Or even that lover we once had who turned out to be a pathological liar or didn’t quite meet our emotional standards.  Perhaps a cheater, or an abuser, or just quite simply- not compatible.

But these are the situations in life that are meant to happen because they are meant to make us grow.  To make us evolve into more spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally mature beings; or at least that’s how it should be.

However, sometimes with pain comes loss.  We are supposed to gain from our setbacks and from our struggles but sometimes many drift away into a self loathing, people-hating, introverted culture of antitrust.  And these people are never really happy with themselves or with others even if they portray it as so.  They feel jaded and bitter and somehow become what they have went through and experienced- but not in a good way.  They become defeated.  They believe that this is how life has to be lived because they are so focused on the pain that they forget how to be happy.  To be involved, to be present, to be here, to be aware, to actually care.  To trust another we must learn to trust ourselves again.  You know… That gut instinct that says “yes this is what I actually want out of life”.  That deep rooted notion that says “I want to be happy” or “I want quality friendships, relationships, love”… and so on.  But when we slip off the rail and start treating people how we do not like to be treated or even how we may have been treated, our ego takes control over our presence and it creates a dark cloud that refuses to let happiness enter.  We ignore the people, places, and things that are out in this world trying to care about us. And, at this point, we are just letting life pass us by.

To escape such damage, there is some serious self reflection that needs to be done here.  This is when we should start to ask ourselves such questions like, “was I a nice person?” and “did I offer as much as I’ve been given by this wonderful friend of mine?” and “did I try to be involved with those who are kind?” and even “am I emotionally available?”.  By asking these questions we can find cognitive ways to take actions and make modifications to improve our spiritual well-being.  There is no need to dwell in the past and live in grief, mistakenly assuming that everyone is going to hurt you or that people will rob you of your happiness.  When you can find true console and security within yourself, you will then feel liberated enough to step back into this world with a good attitude and surround yourself with others who share the same genuine core beliefs.  It’s not necessarily easy, but it is worth it.

Some practices that can take your spirit to a place of happiness include:



Sober Living

Healthy Friendships & Relationships

Enjoying the work that you do and the people that you surround yourself with


Proper Nutrition



Spa Treatments


Getting to know new people

Going on adventures

Having authentic intimate conversations

Acts of kindness

Positive self talk

Good sleep


And sure- these may seem like the obvious but it’s crucial to be honest with ourselves as to how much effort we actually invest in such things prior to quickly writing off these cures as invalid- because -they are not only valid; they are crucial.  Most often we will eventually acknowledge that the most crucial step before practicing these steps is AWARENESS.  AWARENESS of yourSELF and AWARENESS of OTHERS.  Being AWARE that CHANGE may need to happen (by your own will to do so) for the good times to roll again.  And there you have it.  Anybody can be happy after being hurt.



Happiness Is…

Happiness is…

Feeling beautiful, confident, and appreciated.

Achieving your goals and feeling accomplished.

Long walks, time for tea, deep conversations, soul connections, relatability, understanding, intimacy.

Good sex, thoughtful gifts, affection, lasting bonds, good memories.

New experiences, new adventures, travelling.





Warm weather.


When a friends texts or calls just to say “I miss you” or “I care”.

When someone who loves you tells you how much you mean to them.



And above all…



That’s what happiness is to me.

Healing After Hurt – DIY

So many of us, especially as we grow older and become more experienced with life, will inevitably succumb to emotional pains, heartbreaks, let-downs, disappointments, and failures.  In many cases, as a result, these dreaded and sometimes unbearable growing pains can bring us to a place of introversion, distrust, emotional distance, and judgment.  As a result of this, we are missing out on all of the good opportunities that still exist- that are still available for us to participate in, willingly, if we choose to.  So why do we stray from it all after the pain and hurt from failures, heartbreaks, betrayals, and disappointments?  The answer is simple.  We don’t want to be hurt again.  We don’t want to feel that pain again.  We don’t want to give someone the opportunity to hurt us.  We become guarded and our ego becomes, in a way, too proud to take a chance to care and be cared for in return.  Even though that’s understandable, considering the pain you’ve endured, it’s simply not the solution to your problems.  Distancing yourself from what you deserve; life, love, the pursuit of happiness, success (in all ways).  You find yourself confined, as you ran astray from society.  You find yourself bland, as you ran away from chance.  You may find safety in your solitude but are you really satisfied as a whole?  It’s human nature to possess the need to feel included, to feel accepted, to feel wanted, and to have a healthy and balanced social life outside of your personal zone.  So after all of the wreckage that we have endured, how can we overcome it to start anew with the world around us?  How can we diminish our restrictions that prevent us from exploring new chances, new opportunities, and new experiences?

Well first, we must acknowledge that our restrictions are self-imposed.  At first, that statement may disturb you if you are still in pain and need to heal.  Your ego has become jagged and jaded and bitter from all of the deceit, betrayal and pain from outside sources.  Before you turn away from helpful solutions, first understand this.  Even though we have all been hurt, betrayed, broken, bruised, damaged, and beaten (emotionally and physically), we were part of that.  We experienced something with our own free will.  We were merely a small figment of the entire picture that embodied the outside vision of the situation or circumstance that occurred.  Other people involved in these situations may have also been hurt from what you experienced.  Those who have hurt you may have been going through something deeper than you were ever aware of.  They may have had their own underlying pain, trust issues, insecurities, and so on.  And as a result of that, you were affected.

So instead of running and hiding from the world after everything that made you suffer, first find peace in knowing that it wasn’t a direct reflection of yourself or what you deserve.  These moments that tore you apart are the moments that should eventually draw a light of understanding.  Understanding that perhaps you can choose the direction of your social life and potentially even your love life.  You can choose the direction of your career path.  You can choose how you want to live.  It’s all in the power of choice.  And when we realize (maybe even yet again) that we are in control of what we choose, we can find more comfort in the fact that we can establish a new direction that will suit us best based on our wants, needs, and interests (while still being fair to the world around us).

It’s fair to say that this isn’t necessarily going to be a simple and easy healing process.  But there are solutions and ways that we can heal ourselves without running to the doctor for a diagnosis only for him to put you on some medication that is going to fog your mind and mask your pains and, in some instances, dig you a deeper hole with side-effects from these medications.  Such common side-effects include the typical weight gain, bloating, fatigue, depression, dehydration, and the list goes on.  Placebo theory may sound nice but it doesn’t heal you. It can ultimately hurt you and make you become farther from yourself.  I’m sure that some would disagree, however, we live in a culture of modern day society that promotes wellness and healing from a powerful force of money-making entrepreneurs and large brand corporations.  So it’s important for us to be aware that our wellness is not always the main concern of these highly profitable establishments.  They are driven by financial success, marketing, advertising, and sales.  And frankly, they find opportunity in people that are down-and-out looking for an outside solution to their troubles (most especially when it comes to mental and emotional health and well-being).  So, with that being said, I’ve devised a list of ways that we can take healing into our own hands and find true peace and happiness within so that we can become ready to start anew.  The best part about this list is that we can do it ourselves and it’s more effective (if you give yourself the time and patience to persevere).


Healing Yourself After Pain – DIY Solutions:


Reading books is a great way to find inspiration from others who have also endured pain and found success in healing.  Self-help books, success stories, and books that entail the fall and rise of others will help us better understand that we are not alone and that we can grow into newfound life and love after pain and hurt.  When looking for a book, there are many resources.  For starters, Amazon Kindle, Audible (for audiobooks), your local public library, and even Barnes & Noble are all available (to name a few).  You can always follow a good inspiration blog on WordPress as well.

~Self Assurance / Affirmations / Mantras / Prayer / Positive Talk

The law of attraction is a real thing.  The world is vastly becoming more aware of this powerful rule.  What we project out into the universe (or the atmosphere around us), whether we are alone behind closed doors or out in public, will manifest.  Our thoughts and words and actions are a direct reflection of how we are and what we are.  So to grumble about pain and hurt and how you hate and distrust everyone is going to project angry, sad, bitter, and jaded.  To overcome that, try starting small.  Repeat some mantras over and over in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  If you want love, start by saying “I am love, I am love, I am love”.  Repeat it over and over.  Both psychologically and within the laws of physics, we will feel and become love and love will become us.  It will manifest and we will attract it.  Try writing out some positive affirmation.  Grab a pen or pencil and write down the wonderful qualities about yourself and about life.  Write them down and then read them aloud every day.  With patience, practice and endurance, you will soon see your strengths growing and it will multiply into more.  Others will notice too!  Try praying.  You don’t have to be religious to pray.  Trust and believe that there is a force that is greater than you (and there is).  Then pray to it.  Talk to your spirit guide, your God, your angel, your Allah, your energy force, your whatever-you-want-to-label-it-as and ask for guidance and express how you feel.  The more you do this, the more you will begin to realize the subtleties of life and see the signs that follow from your prayers.  You will begin to read between the lines and find inspiration, guidance, hope, intuition, instinct, and enlightenment as a result of these powerful prayers or spiritual monologs that will evolve into dialogues.  I say dialogues because ultimately you will do the talking and you will receive replies in other forms of communication whether symbolically or a series of juxtaposition that will allow you to trust your feelings.  Just try it out and you’ll be amazed.  So, continue to search for the positive and remember to always be grateful for what you do have.  Someone always has it worse than you.  Thank the higher force / higher power, thank your friends, thank your family, thank your lover(s).  Express appreciation and gratitude and in return you’ll be treasured and appreciated as well.


~Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Okay so by now you realize you’ve been through some heavy shit.  You’re hurt and you’re trying to heal.  Congratulations on taking the first steps.  But you should remember this important fact.  There are other people in this world.  The world does not revolve around you and only you.  There are currently over 7.5 billion humans in the world population and it’s growing.  We also have animals, plants, and many other living organisms.  So now that you can better understand that the full picture is larger than the sum of your parts, you can apply grace to the world around you.  Think before you talk.  Are there young children around you while in public?  Are you cursing up a bitch fit about your day while the struggling single mom with her own backstory and own life of obstacles is trying to navigate her children through the store while simultaneously trying to set a good example for her young ones?  Be aware of your surrounding.  Respect the world around you.  Don’t litter.  Don’t hurt others.  Don’t disregard people.  In short, don’t be an asshole.  Do good for life and life will do good for you.  Don’t expect it to be instant.  Just do your part and let it come.  Nothing is perfect.  But practice this and you will find more respect from the world around you.



People, situations, and circumstances have been unfair to you and stabbed you in the back and even uprooted your life for temporary destruction.  The key word is temporary.  We are in control of the duration of its effect.  We are also in control of how it affects us.  You will find many occurrences where people hurt you, betray you, and offend you.  Many times they don’t apologize, sadly.  But understand that there are reasons why people don’t apologize.  Sometimes people are too proud of themselves as they soak in their bloated ego and hide behind their artificial strength which prevents them from offering a genuine apology.  Sometimes other people are going through some crazy shit too.  And sometimes these people don’t actually know that they even hurt you.  Perhaps that was never their intent and they didn’t realize it.  With that being said, not everyone is aware of their surroundings even though they should be.  Not everyone is doing their best.  Not everyone is trying to find peace, happiness, love, and harmony as you are currently trying to do.  So forgive them.  Even if they don’t apologize, forgive them.  It’s not your fault that they are assholes so why would you carry the burden of someone else’s pain?  That is not your responsibility.  Consider the source, know your place, and move on.  Yeah, so you’re offended.  And maybe you even have a sensitive nature to yourself.  Perhaps you are an empath and can easily feel the energies around you.  That is a gift that comes with struggle.  However, we can adapt in a way to overcome that struggle and make it disappear.  Not everyone is in tune with harmony and not everyone has a depth of feeling- and if they do, not everyone is good at expressing it.   If you are sensitive to energy and feeling, realize that you have natural gifts and use them the best of your abilities.  Use them to heal yourself and others when the opportunity presents itself.  And forgive others for what they do not understand.  That is out of your control.  Let it be and carry on with a positive distraction.  Focus on what’s good.


~Excercize and food intake

At this point, we’ve touched on mind over matter.  Building and maintaining ways to charge your mental and emotional psyche.  We can also find happiness and fulfillment to heal by means of a balanced food and exercise regimen.  Do what suits you best.  We all have different bodies and routines.  Make sure to get enough food but not too much.  Eat for the right reasons- to live.  Try eating healthy.  More dark greens and less sugar and junk food.  More lean protein and less fried food.  More complex carbs and less starchy white carbs.  Replace candy and junk food with some fruit.  Ditch the waffles and try some eggs.  Drink a lot of water.  When you cleanse your body you will also cleanse your mind and how you feel physically and entirely as a whole.  Incorporate some exercise.  You don’t need a gym or equipment for starters.  Just be physically active.  It burns built up energy, keeps you busy and occupied from unnecessary distraction, releases endorphins in your body that promote good energy and happiness, and you’ll look and feel great.  You will feel healthy and accomplished.  Find your balance.  Whatever works best for you, start discovering ways to incorporate healthy eating and exercise in your life.  It doesn’t have to be a chore or conventional.  Try yoga (with meditation), stretching, walking, jogging, jumping jacks, stair climbing, cardio, weight lifting, dancing, Zumba, palates, squats, lunges, planks, the list goes on… Just try different thing and discover how your body responds.  Don’t expect Rome to be built in a day- it wasn’t.  Things take time.  Be patient with yourself but also, be persistent.  Results will follow.  Your actions will manifest.  Make sure you give your body time to rest in between workouts.  If you overexert or strain yourself, you may plateau.  Let your batteries recharge and continue to find your way.


Practice these steps and find other creative ways to incorporate new hobbies and interest in your life and everything else that you’ve once dreamt of will either evolve into something new or fall into place.  You will be fine, I promise.  You will build new friendships, reconnect with good old friends, repair broken relations, free yourself of burdens, and attract positive ways to enjoy your life as a whole.  I have the faith that you can do it and you should have faith in yourself too.  Anyone is fully capable of striving to be the best that they can be despite any previous setbacks or hardships.  And whenever in doubt, take a moment to look in the mirror and say to yourself, “Yes I can”.  And you will. Because you can!