Beautiful faces

All through the beautiful places

Smiling eyes

Gleaming stories of life

Something about your magical muse takes me away to a sweet paradise

And I’m falling in love

But this time there is no pain

No suffering madness

No broken vessels or veins

Horizontal in motion

Right on the track that I ride

And I’m falling in love with you right by my side

The air – light and fresh

As the wind hits my face

Through my hair – breezy caress

I feel love all over the place

That when must I return

From my coach to a pumpkin

And my slippers are gone

Back to roaches and bumpkins

May you stay in heart

So that I shall return

Back home to fresh starts

As I continue to churn

Last phase of healing those burns

From the lessons I’ve learned

As far as I am concerned

Unraveling knots from happiness is the fruit I have earned

From the past that I’ve suffered

No more painful entrapment

In the discovery of knowing where I belong as it resonates with the entire frequency of my truest soul


Uncertified Teacher

Thank you for all the lessons you taught me and if I overreacted because of what you presented and took it personally then I am sorry because you’ll always be darling to me. I’m sorry for all of those times of defensive aggression when you pull at my hair as you’re teaching your lesson but you’ll always be baby to me.  Thank you, my lesson, you let me go free from the roping and binding that dug into me – in my skin, leaving marks and keeping me down with my face on the ground – you taught me the best things in life are not free and because of your forceful slamming awakening, you made me the best I can be.  It was that brutal love.  That tough love that made me so hard but then you came through all soft. So what did I do?  Well… I found another brick to play with.  But this time… a stack of bricks.  They came in cases.  And then I stacked them.  Very Very VERY fucking high. Higher than the Trump towers and more valuable than the collapse of gold.  Your forceful rejection and demonstration of pity had vigorously bred gratitude through the molecules and energetic matter of my soul.  I am complete.  Namaste. Thanks, bitch – but you can go! X X Oh.


It was secondary

It was so voluntary

It was a misconception of a notion from uncertified authority

It was a petty fee

It was a bargain plea

It was the saddest cold case if you ever did see

It was a penny drop

It was a flip flop

It was minor in a fraction of percentages we top

Not mathematical

Not so compatible

It was a pesky little itch and so we had to knock it off

Let it go away

Just let it fall apart

Let it roll right off the edge back to the entrance from its start

The Greatest Illusion



___The greatest illusion is doubt.

Doubt being – The false idea that you will never be “good enough”, so-to-speak, as to fit a standardized mold or expectation that the pressure of seemingly hierarchical figures and ideas present themselves to be.  But that is not merely the illusion in itself.  No, you see… The greatest illusion is the belief that we must strive to be something we are not for the mere sake of social acceptance.  That is the greatest illusion; conformity to an unnatural state of being.  And even though we can choose to live well among others with dignity, grace, and respect – our soul mission is to be entirely true to our inner selves while enjoying the wonder of the world around us.  It’s a beautiful thing once we find the power within ourselves to surpass the dimension of being bound to the greatest illusion that limits our happiness.  At this point, we have achieved true freedom to live rather than exist.


~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Worrisome Mind

Worrisome mind,

You ache, you burn, you drive.  Worrisome mind – You need to unwind.

You’re ahead of the times and you’re missing your lines and it’s all for those rhymes, you sad worrisome mind.  Are you alone, as your thoughts take control?  Are you not well in the places you go?  Does the meaning of all that could be drive you wild?  Are you dreaming about an escape of denial?  Are you here?  Are you there?  Do you feel out of place? Worrisome mind – why do you race?

Worrisome mind – are you winning today?  Worrisome mind – will you be okay?  Is there peace in your time for a piece you may find and will you console all that places you go?  Can you let it break free from this chained misery…

Worrisome mind – Relax….

You’ll be fine.


Getting steady

They’re coming fast (really fast)

Gettin’ stuffy- claustrophobic- back the *f__k* up off my ass

Holy cow

Sit and smile

Here and now

But not a while

Take a turn

Back in your lane

Gently swerve into the territory back to your remain

Dust it off

(Take a breath) You’ll be okayyyy

I’m not here to save you

Light it up and find your way

But if you knew (only knew)

All that I’m thinking (got you thinking)

Of a way to redesign this place like dressing for this blinking

Slinky pinky.

Why you so winky?

Butter up the popsicle sucking on your binky.

Bitchy-bahhh (insert sheep sound)

I’d rather nahhh (chill)

But hey your friend is really hott so bye.  🙂

xx BosS.

Don’t Come Running Back

Don’t come running back

To the place of no return

Don’t come running back

To the lesson that you’ll learn

You let it go so easily

You had to let it slip

Don’t come running back when your senses found some grip

Don’t come running back

When I’m in a better place

Don’t come running back

There is no room for such disgrace

Don’t come running back

When I form a better shape

It doesn’t take a genius to recognize growth rate

Don’t come running back

When it accommodates your needs

Don’t come running back

When it satisfies your pleas

Don’t come running back

When you can’t find the next best thing

Built for society, by society

And you keep on shaping me

Don’t come running back

When you realize it’s gone

Don’t come running back

Life doesn’t always last so long

Don’t come running back

When your legs are not as strong

We’re not getting any younger

So I’ll let you move along

Don’t come running back

To the place of no return

When it’s gone it is all gone

With no fire left to burn

Ash into the ground

With billions around

Don’t come running back

Time is of the essence – there’s no need to stick around

It’s been said that patience is a virtue

But we live in different times

Catch up to the pace

And you’ll have nothing left to find

This is not unusual

I’ve seen it countless times before

Don’t come running back to me

After slamming shut my door

I’ve given you enough

More than you could handle

Don’t come shaking at my knob

Transparent is your scandal

I got this covered

Secure enough to carry on

I don’t require anything-

-Less than love

So carry on