The phone rings

You call to tell me how you met another

All your possessions, goals, and mother

And your shallow talk of clutter

Of everything you have

And how it’s never good enough

While you proclaim that you are happy

And you’re the best from all the rest

But when do you ever rest from all your glory and success

Do you feel me?

But wait – you hate to cut this short

You’re too tall to lose at sport

And disorganized to sort it out over and again

You’re such a lonely friend

But I’ll let you go again

I’ve got another on the line this time

Like a story with no end

So disconnect

Should I take this other call?

But I’ll do it anyway

As if the next one’s gonna stay

But he’s just calling out to slay

And to talk about his day

After another crazy night

And how he’s gonna dim the lights

Cuz he’s got another flight

To another destination

Like his heart is on vacation from the truth

I hear him burning through his youth

Living fast from the past – he runs aloof

He’s gotta go

Because I know

And he doesn’t want to show it

How he knows the way I know it

So I let him go

And he flies back into the sky – or so it seems

Chasing all his dreams – like they are real

If I could teach a man to feel – then I would

But a student never learns

If they’re not open to such lessons

Even when life is there to test them

In their absence

When they are tardy

They’re working hard to crash the party – then they run

Climbing up to “number one”

In such delusion of a fantasy

That never hits reality

Until they fall

So then I get another call…

But I can’t save them

They make me empty

I know too many of this kind

All I want is peace of mind

So I turn off to blind

Shutting down my eyes

I cannot see

Or bare the conscious of my soul

I hear no more…

And in this silence I am whole

Without the noise

From the traffic they create

And the problems that they make

I’m not a doctor

I’m not a therapist

I have so much love to give

And they eat all of my kindness

Like starvation for the pigs

All they know to do is take

So they come back to fill their plate

But I am gone now

I can’t just throw myself away

Not anymore…

I want more…

I want what I have to offer

And the love I have to give

All I want to do is live…

If I were a love song

I’d sing it to you, dear

But with the noise from all these people it would be hard for you to hear me clear

So I must go now

And let them figure out their lives

When it’s all over

There will be peace before the prize

And even if the greatest prize is peace from all these lies

I’ve made it home

I’d be alone

Just as I was when surrounded by the many that don’t know

Agnostic of my heart and soul

So I let them go

I let it go

Then maybe I will know how good it feels

To be better off alone


The Top Line

The Top Line – A Universal Guide For Good Living

In a world of various cultures, religions, beliefs, spiritualities, systems, and codes of conduct, there has been vast confusion and conflict among our differences in humanity.

Through my observation, I have found great similarities in all of these differences yet have come to realize that the greatest thing that conflicts us within our own species is the fact that we do not all necessarily speak the same language- and when I say, “speak the same language” I do not mean that in a literal sense.  What I mean is that we all have very different ways of communicating.  Whether is be an actual variation of language, or slang, or self-expression, or moral understanding for and of ourselves and each other, there is a major lack of mental cognisance that connects our universal language to truly comprehend and abide by the codes of conduct that should not be crossed or betrayed.  I find that so very often, our hearts and our boundaries and limits are betrayed by the laziness and careless unawareness of our actions and words and because of such behavior, conflict and separation is created.  When a large separation such as this occurs it creates an unspoken yet very real epidemic of weakness.  We are stronger together than we are apart.

So how can this be resolved?  Well, this is the beginning of our resolution.  No matter who you are or where you’re from or what you did, we ALL have the power and capability to reconnect and become strong again.

The following is a list of universal scenarios and ethics comprised from universal root sources that will benefit any and all living humans without conflict but furthermore for the better construction and reconstruction of our human bond and community strength around the world.  The following list is a globalized code that, if and when it is followed, will strengthen the core, structure, foundation, production, and reproduction of humanity as a whole.  Study and practice the list as follows while keeping in mind that this is not outlines by order of importance, as all codes are created equal since they are universal.

Universal Codes:

  1.  Do not lie.  Whether your intention may be good or bad or anywhere in between, a lie is false and therefore creates an illusion.  Illusion will never create anything real.  Illusion will break hearts, destroy lives, and lead to false hope.  Honesty is the only REAL answer.  The “white lie” theory is ineffective and should not be utilized in any situation.  For instance- if someone asks your opinion you should provide an honest answer BUT you can still do so in a way that is not harsh.  Learn to use your words in an honest but friendly way.  After all- we are all entitled to have and express our REAL opinions and we can do it in a way that is not only genuine but also gentle.  With this code also comes the sub-stipulation that even though we should not ever lie, we should also know when to not speak.  Just because you have an opinion or something to say doesn’t mean that you should ALWAYS say it.  If it is destructive, hurtful, rude, egotistical / ego-driven, harmful, or degrading, you should most certainly contain that information since it is completely unnecessary. Refocus on building and sharing positive truth to share with yourself and others and it will come back to you.  You have the power to share the honesty of good truth.
  2. Do Not Steal.  If you need or want something that is not yours or that doesn’t belong to you, don’t take it.  If you earn it, keep it.  If you pay for it, it’s yours.  If you provide fair trade and have made a deal, then so be it.  But to steal means that you are taking something from someone else that does not belong to you.  Yes, you may be struggling and feel that you need or deserve this object more than the person or people that own it.  But this is completely false!  You do not know what this person or group of people had to do to earn what they possess.  Everybody has a story of how they earned what they have and how they got to where they are and how they became who they are.  So for you or anyone to take something that doesn’t belong to you from another source is completely wrong, damaging, and quite sadly self-entitled and ignorant.  You are better off asking for help.  You may find yourself surprised by how many people would be willing to help you succeed if you are truly struggling.  But remember- not everyone is going to say “yes”.  But just because some will not be willing to help doesnt mean that others will not.  Keep trying but also remember that EVERYTHING has a price and nothing in this life was meant to naturally come easily.  If you want something you must earn it.  There are plenty of non-conventional ways to trade and earn things among our species.  But we must do so with honesty, integrity, and communication.  We must be humble enough to ask for help and sometimes even explain our situation to help others understand why we need help.  And we will find that there are many out there who will have the compassion to make the time to work out a situation that will benefit BOTH of you!  Be fair and do NOT ever steal!
  3. Do not cheat.  Cheating is quite simply another form of a lie.  If you bind yourself to an agreement with another, do not break that agreement.  Do not go against what you have agreed to do with the other person or group of people.  In the event you would like to opt out of whatever agreement or binding that you have created, you must FIRST communicate that to the person or people with whom you have established such agreements.  After you have clearly, openly, and honestly made sure that the other person or people know that you have decided that you no longer want to uphold your agreements, then you are free to do as you choose because you no longer have any agreement to abide by.  But if you choose to break an agreement without closing the deal, then you are a cheater.  Cheating is betrayal and it will come back to haunt you.  Do not EVER cheat!
  4. Accentuate the positive.  When it comes to your own self and others, you should always strive to recognize and express the good qualities.  Say and do things that are nice and uplifting to yourself and to others.  Why be rude, sarcastic, degrading, and destructive when you can actually contribute to spiritual growth?  Why damage someone’s heart or hurt their feelings when you have the power to make them feel better?  It is your right and duty to spread happiness rather than greif. And if you have a difficult time being nice to yourself and others then perhaps you really need to reevaluate your integrity and ask yourself why you are in so much pain.  Then once your realize why you are hurting you can find creative ways to fix your problems or accept what you cannot control and focus on the good things that you actually DO have.  Everyone is going to have struggles and things that are imperfect.  There is no absolute perfect but we all have the power to make life a better existence when we notice and appreciate the good things and as a result of that we will be appreciated and noticed for being good to ourselves and the world around us.

Goal:  Practice these codes and notice how much your life changes for the better over time.  You deserve it.  You are worth it.  So do yourself and the world around you a favor and live in harmony with happiness and life-changing ethics on your side and reap the rewards.  You will be so very glad that you did.  And if you already are practicing these codes, I want to sincerely thank you for everything that you contribute to this world.  You are truly amazing!  ❤



Yeah.. you know.. those miraculous gifts that pop up out of nowhere that really inspire you.  They are messages.  They appear as vessels through the motion of people, places, situations, occurrences, chance encounters, and life momentum.  They shape our lives, our reality, and the way we become who we are and how we grow.  The best messengers are the ones that bring good news and inspire us to be better.  And when I say “be better”, I definitely do NOT mean be better than your messengers.  But to allow ourselves and our truest instincts of light and happiness to enhance our divinity.


Your Face

It’s in your face

The smiles you create and the lines that you make

Your dark happy eyes

Your beautiful demise

And somehow you keep me alive

The grace of your chin

From your brow-line to jaw

So badly good that it sins

I know nothing at all

As I’m lost in your stare

For my cold heart to fall

Like a glacier that’s sliding right off of the rock

From the globally warming destruction of earth

We need to keep getting better around with the clock

Here we are, yes we made it

And we’re not gonna stop

Evolving united these times sure do rock


Your face is timeless and I could stare at you and into you forever and a day

Uncertified Teacher

Thank you for all the lessons you taught me and if I overreacted because of what you presented and took it personally then I am sorry because you’ll always be darling to me. I’m sorry for all of those times of defensive aggression when you pull at my hair as you’re teaching your lesson but you’ll always be baby to me.  Thank you, my lesson, you let me go free from the roping and binding that dug into me – in my skin, leaving marks and keeping me down with my face on the ground – you taught me the best things in life are not free and because of your forceful slamming awakening, you made me the best I can be.  It was that brutal love.  That tough love that made me so hard but then you came through all soft. So what did I do?  Well… I found another brick to play with.  But this time… a stack of bricks.  They came in cases.  And then I stacked them.  Very Very VERY fucking high. Higher than the Trump towers and more valuable than the collapse of gold.  Your forceful rejection and demonstration of pity had vigorously bred gratitude through the molecules and energetic matter of my soul.  I am complete.  Namaste. Thanks, bitch – but you can go! X X Oh.

Mind Bomb

I am everything and it’s insane.  I’m over here and over there and up the slot and down the pot and in the lot with my parking spot just trying to keep up on missions of madness and passionate love; so why stop?  “Holy fuck!”, as I exclaim; the chatter madness in my brain. It never feels quite right enough so I drive it harder and speed it up.  If I could do better and have it in time, I’ll take the time to race my way up the line.  The grief and emptiness it brings invites right into my heart and is breaking up as I’m falling apart and even though it is worth it I’ll run till I die cuz I know I won’t jump unless I’m gonna die.  I guess there’s something about living in risk that gives you the moments you’ll never forget.

They say they play with fire.  Talk is almost like something I’ve never heard before (sarcasm) but I’m listening in, loud and clear, to everything you say and your body language gives it all away and I’m hearing you openly and taking my notes you sly motherfucker – you should know I’m no joke so be good with your people and unveil as you are.  It could be a blessing, or worse, an emotional scar.  Harm to none, I shall never do but I have friends in low places that are praying for you, baby love.  Do you love what you do?  Do you love all the fire under the light of the moon?  Are you blessed?  Are you safe in your soul?  Will the echoing madness swallow you whole?  The choices we make are the lives that we live so treat yourself well and get what you give.  Infest and crumble.   Blessed be.

You Are Your Greatest Resource

You are your greatest resource

You hold the gift of power

Back to the source you dive

Un-wilting reborn flower

Converging inwardly

You forth, you fifth~ you plea!

Evolving naturally

On a higher frequency

And that’s when you discover

That there is no going back

No return to all the madness

Screaming round beneath your bed

And you return to gleaming comfort

With no mess for you to find

As your burrows bellow empty

And there’s solace of your mind

And a body for unveiling in conjunction with such time

Let it grind

Let it falter

Let it soak up sacred water

Let it rip

Let it churn

Let the passion of it burn

Forever and a day

Shall it never go away

And when the heart inside you stays

You will never cry in rain

-Or in vain

Or from the shadows that you’re not

Let it tremble from your truth

And may you give it all you got

To soar inside your soul

And levy up the toll

Sequential systems process gold

But without gold, we break the mold

As do greater things unfold

Becomes unblinded by the truth

Raging fire ignites pure youth

Triple-tied with woven knots

Unified to what you got

Centripetal motion right on spot

Back to the source of all you got

Enlightened power surged and charged

Magnified, multiplied, and enlarged

You Are Your Greatest Resource