Universal Consequence

The demise of your own craft left you broken and dry like carcass bones as you clearly must not have prepared yourself with knowledge of consequential 3-fold law.  Much like yin coincides with yang, you have subjected your energetic circumstances to unfold as they have by your own right of passage.  Does a blind man see when he heals the deaf; and it shall be.  Does a deaf man hear once he helps the blind begin to see the light; as it shall be.  We find truth within our power and pain from such vain pleasures.  We find loss without compassion and fairness among others just as we find gain and love from the passage of pains done unto us.  Call it karmic law, call it manifestation, call it whatever you feel… Ultimately; it all comes around and means the same thing.

I will always have love for you.  The most profound love that can ever be felt.  And it shall return to me in abundance and purity from one true source that connects and replenishes all of my senses with greatness.


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