I cannot comprehend emotionally vacant vessels — the bodies of people that carry no soul, no regard, no remorse, and no feeling or communication of such feelings for and toward another entity — whether it be a person, a place, an animal, or even a plant.

These are the struggles of possessing a caring heart and feeling so much and so deeply in a world where there are so many who, quite simply, don’t give a fuck.  Carelessness is such a bleak and shallow attitude to uphold and even though it is publicized as a strength in disguise it is truly a sad and unfortunate weakness to it’s very core.

A deeply caring person is a blessing to the universe; a gift.  But because of this gift, they are cursed with the pain of being surrounded by the mass population of careless, selfish, empty bodies that are only here to consume.

In this instance, masochism is not a choice.  It is a sad and unfortunate reality that is in need of nothing less than the power of love.


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