You Are Nothing To Me

You are nothing to me

You always have something to say

But nothing good to offer

You’re a cut-throat piece of shit

You are vicious and destructive

You are nothing to me

You want everything I have

And you’ll proceed to criticize

Underneath your own demise

But I still see through your disguise

And it’s disgusting and embarrassing

That you can’t even realize

You are nothing to me

And you keep pushing me away

With your filthy fucking sickness

And your horrible words

And careless actions

Your mindless lack of thoughts

And your loud fucking gash that opens and makes noise and rapes my spine everytime you talk and it fucking hurts me so bad that I just want to get the fuck away from your madness and resentment for all the pain that you project from your envious demons that wreak of bile and fecal decay plagued with terminal ailment because nobody deserves to subject themselves to a life surrounded by those who hate their own existence so much that they will say or do anything they can to destroy whatever is left of your soul… so then I left…  And when I’m gone you will miss me and I will begin to pray again just so I can have the hope inside my heart that I will never ever have to feel as much torture as I have when I was in your presence, you demented fucking creature.  Goodbye to this place and everything you are.  I hope to never see your face or hear you from afar.  You got exactly what you asked for and so did I.  Thank you and goodbye.  I must say and I cannot lie… I won’t be sad if you fucking die.  Nobody deserves your pain.  Not even Hitler or the Devil.


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