Uncertified Teacher

Thank you for all the lessons you taught me and if I overreacted because of what you presented and took it personally then I am sorry because you’ll always be darling to me. I’m sorry for all of those times of defensive aggression when you pull at my hair as you’re teaching your lesson but you’ll always be baby to me.  Thank you, my lesson, you let me go free from the roping and binding that dug into me – in my skin, leaving marks and keeping me down with my face on the ground – you taught me the best things in life are not free and because of your forceful slamming awakening, you made me the best I can be.  It was that brutal love.  That tough love that made me so hard but then you came through all soft. So what did I do?  Well… I found another brick to play with.  But this time… a stack of bricks.  They came in cases.  And then I stacked them.  Very Very VERY fucking high. Higher than the Trump towers and more valuable than the collapse of gold.  Your forceful rejection and demonstration of pity had vigorously bred gratitude through the molecules and energetic matter of my soul.  I am complete.  Namaste. Thanks, bitch – but you can go! X X Oh.


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