Mind Bomb

I am everything and it’s insane.  I’m over here and over there and up the slot and down the pot and in the lot with my parking spot just trying to keep up on missions of madness and passionate love; so why stop?  “Holy fuck!”, as I exclaim; the chatter madness in my brain. It never feels quite right enough so I drive it harder and speed it up.  If I could do better and have it in time, I’ll take the time to race my way up the line.  The grief and emptiness it brings invites right into my heart and is breaking up as I’m falling apart and even though it is worth it I’ll run till I die cuz I know I won’t jump unless I’m gonna die.  I guess there’s something about living in risk that gives you the moments you’ll never forget.

They say they play with fire.  Talk is almost like something I’ve never heard before (sarcasm) but I’m listening in, loud and clear, to everything you say and your body language gives it all away and I’m hearing you openly and taking my notes you sly motherfucker – you should know I’m no joke so be good with your people and unveil as you are.  It could be a blessing, or worse, an emotional scar.  Harm to none, I shall never do but I have friends in low places that are praying for you, baby love.  Do you love what you do?  Do you love all the fire under the light of the moon?  Are you blessed?  Are you safe in your soul?  Will the echoing madness swallow you whole?  The choices we make are the lives that we live so treat yourself well and get what you give.  Infest and crumble.   Blessed be.


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