You Are Your Greatest Resource

You are your greatest resource

You hold the gift of power

Back to the source you dive

Un-wilting reborn flower

Converging inwardly

You forth, you fifth~ you plea!

Evolving naturally

On a higher frequency

And that’s when you discover

That there is no going back

No return to all the madness

Screaming round beneath your bed

And you return to gleaming comfort

With no mess for you to find

As your burrows bellow empty

And there’s solace of your mind

And a body for unveiling in conjunction with such time

Let it grind

Let it falter

Let it soak up sacred water

Let it rip

Let it churn

Let the passion of it burn

Forever and a day

Shall it never go away

And when the heart inside you stays

You will never cry in rain

-Or in vain

Or from the shadows that you’re not

Let it tremble from your truth

And may you give it all you got

To soar inside your soul

And levy up the toll

Sequential systems process gold

But without gold, we break the mold

As do greater things unfold

Becomes unblinded by the truth

Raging fire ignites pure youth

Triple-tied with woven knots

Unified to what you got

Centripetal motion right on spot

Back to the source of all you got

Enlightened power surged and charged

Magnified, multiplied, and enlarged

You Are Your Greatest Resource


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