Dripping sweat

On the floor

Budding up

From every pore

Drop a hammer

Cold sore

Oh boy

You caught the cold

Chillin whistles in your soul

Cold blood


Took you back to cannibal

Lector sector

Lesson learned

Flip a switch

And feel it burn

Flip flap

Flip it flop

Clean it up

With a mop

Switch Swatch

Swish it up

Checking time

Upon my watch

Angel light

Like a feather

Brushing breezes

Softest weather

Silkening and beautiful

Handsome touch

You softly glow

Under Moon

Or in the Sun

You will find where I am from

From the truest light upon this word

A reckoning that flights the bird

A bristled touch from a fallen hair

Awaken now to be aware



………So I like to rhyme.  Big.Deal. 🙂




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