Expression Through The Form Of Writing: From A Creative Writer

I won’t bore you with my previous portfolio of blatantly diverse entries from my archive to attain your recognition.  Though, bragging rights are always welcome from a wide and beautiful spectrum of writers of any format.  But, at least for me, writing can serve as a creative outlet to outwardly projected different forms of expression and readable communication.  From my personal life outside of creative writing, my communication is entirely different as one may imagine from reading my writings- and because of that, I find freedom, relief, and peace from a maddening world where my communication can reach others while reaching myself.  And because I am enabled to openly express life situations or just merely fictional structured writings; whether it be based on the thought of something I saw or something that inspired a rhythm of some sort then I generally play around with it and make it my own.   The greatest acknowledgment of being someone who enjoys writing is the idea that there is always so much more to be written when the opportunity is taken.


Thank you,

~Unveiled Illusion


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