Yeah.. you know.. those miraculous gifts that pop up out of nowhere that really inspire you.  They are messages.  They appear as vessels through the motion of people, places, situations, occurrences, chance encounters, and life momentum.  They shape our lives, our reality, and the way we become who we are and how we grow.  The best messengers are the ones that bring good news and inspire us to be better.  And when I say “be better”, I definitely do NOT mean be better than your messengers.  But to allow ourselves and our truest instincts of light and happiness to enhance our divinity.


Your Face

It’s in your face

The smiles you create and the lines that you make

Your dark happy eyes

Your beautiful demise

And somehow you keep me alive

The grace of your chin

From your brow-line to jaw

So badly good that it sins

I know nothing at all

As I’m lost in your stare

For my cold heart to fall

Like a glacier that’s sliding right off of the rock

From the globally warming destruction of earth

We need to keep getting better around with the clock

Here we are, yes we made it

And we’re not gonna stop

Evolving united these times sure do rock


Your face is timeless and I could stare at you and into you forever and a day

Uncertified Teacher

Thank you for all the lessons you taught me and if I overreacted because of what you presented and took it personally then I am sorry because you’ll always be darling to me. I’m sorry for all of those times of defensive aggression when you pull at my hair as you’re teaching your lesson but you’ll always be baby to me.  Thank you, my lesson, you let me go free from the roping and binding that dug into me – in my skin, leaving marks and keeping me down with my face on the ground – you taught me the best things in life are not free and because of your forceful slamming awakening, you made me the best I can be.  It was that brutal love.  That tough love that made me so hard but then you came through all soft. So what did I do?  Well… I found another brick to play with.  But this time… a stack of bricks.  They came in cases.  And then I stacked them.  Very Very VERY fucking high. Higher than the Trump towers and more valuable than the collapse of gold.  Your forceful rejection and demonstration of pity had vigorously bred gratitude through the molecules and energetic matter of my soul.  I am complete.  Namaste. Thanks, bitch – but you can go! X X Oh.

Mind Bomb

I am everything and it’s insane.  I’m over here and over there and up the slot and down the pot and in the lot with my parking spot just trying to keep up on missions of madness and passionate love; so why stop?  “Holy fuck!”, as I exclaim; the chatter madness in my brain. It never feels quite right enough so I drive it harder and speed it up.  If I could do better and have it in time, I’ll take the time to race my way up the line.  The grief and emptiness it brings invites right into my heart and is breaking up as I’m falling apart and even though it is worth it I’ll run till I die cuz I know I won’t jump unless I’m gonna die.  I guess there’s something about living in risk that gives you the moments you’ll never forget.

They say they play with fire.  Talk is almost like something I’ve never heard before (sarcasm) but I’m listening in, loud and clear, to everything you say and your body language gives it all away and I’m hearing you openly and taking my notes you sly motherfucker – you should know I’m no joke so be good with your people and unveil as you are.  It could be a blessing, or worse, an emotional scar.  Harm to none, I shall never do but I have friends in low places that are praying for you, baby love.  Do you love what you do?  Do you love all the fire under the light of the moon?  Are you blessed?  Are you safe in your soul?  Will the echoing madness swallow you whole?  The choices we make are the lives that we live so treat yourself well and get what you give.  Infest and crumble.   Blessed be.

You Are Your Greatest Resource

You are your greatest resource

You hold the gift of power

Back to the source you dive

Un-wilting reborn flower

Converging inwardly

You forth, you fifth~ you plea!

Evolving naturally

On a higher frequency

And that’s when you discover

That there is no going back

No return to all the madness

Screaming round beneath your bed

And you return to gleaming comfort

With no mess for you to find

As your burrows bellow empty

And there’s solace of your mind

And a body for unveiling in conjunction with such time

Let it grind

Let it falter

Let it soak up sacred water

Let it rip

Let it churn

Let the passion of it burn

Forever and a day

Shall it never go away

And when the heart inside you stays

You will never cry in rain

-Or in vain

Or from the shadows that you’re not

Let it tremble from your truth

And may you give it all you got

To soar inside your soul

And levy up the toll

Sequential systems process gold

But without gold, we break the mold

As do greater things unfold

Becomes unblinded by the truth

Raging fire ignites pure youth

Triple-tied with woven knots

Unified to what you got

Centripetal motion right on spot

Back to the source of all you got

Enlightened power surged and charged

Magnified, multiplied, and enlarged

You Are Your Greatest Resource

Smooth Day

Smooth Day

Woke up feeling right

Pleasant Day

Every step and every motion is looking light and feeling bright

Sun is out

No darkness in the sky

As strangers pass by I feel familiar in their eyes

The energy is steady and it feels good to be alive

Synchronicity in motion with no demand for me to try

And this is right

Steady now it goes

And this easier

Than those other days of woes

Here I am

I am here and now it’s clear

There was no plan

It’s just that everything appeared




It was secondary

It was so voluntary

It was a misconception of a notion from uncertified authority

It was a petty fee

It was a bargain plea

It was the saddest cold case if you ever did see

It was a penny drop

It was a flip flop

It was minor in a fraction of percentages we top

Not mathematical

Not so compatible

It was a pesky little itch and so we had to knock it off

Let it go away

Just let it fall apart

Let it roll right off the edge back to the entrance from its start