Getting steady

They’re coming fast (really fast)

Gettin’ stuffy- claustrophobic- back the *f__k* up off my ass

Holy cow

Sit and smile

Here and now

But not a while

Take a turn

Back in your lane

Gently swerve into the territory back to your remain

Dust it off

(Take a breath) You’ll be okayyyy

I’m not here to save you

Light it up and find your way

But if you knew (only knew)

All that I’m thinking (got you thinking)

Of a way to redesign this place like dressing for this blinking

Slinky pinky.

Why you so winky?

Butter up the popsicle sucking on your binky.

Bitchy-bahhh (insert sheep sound)

I’d rather nahhh (chill)

But hey your friend is really hott so bye.  🙂

xx BosS.


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