Less For More

Overindulgent cycles dissolved

After painfully patching my knees from the falls

Once filling the voids from the echoes within

Like a shattering noise – silent screaming again

Dispensing the fire that built up inside

From the torturous silence to keep it alive

So it spewed and it whaled from the force of my lips

And it thrust like a bullet from the core of my hips

Cannon smoke rises and falls into ash

Settling from the pursuit of out-lash

Into the earth, its seed become grounded

Caressing the roots of the silence it sounded

Bathing in water adorned by the moon

Feeling the trickle of starlight it swoons

Behold such a glory in the steady of night

Finally – less was enough to make it feel right

Abundance of peace with havoc no more

The beautiful ocean dodged waves from the floor

Swimming at ease through deep mystery

Guided by lights and blessings that be

All that now is – centered and balanced

Everything magic occurs in this palace

Upgraded onto a higher dimension

Connected by levels of soul comprehension




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