Collapse (I Love New York)

From my bloodline of the island of Ellis, you had enslaved the coldest hit of reality to my predecessors; a dream.  A dream of great illusion.  A dream built with the intention to deceitfully lure your bait like a predatorial shark and build your empire of cold, hard, fragmented hatred.  A culture and a way of life designed by the elite.  And here I am to tell you.  But what if I don’t love you, New York?  What if I have tried so many times to love you yet your abuse and neglect continually fail to compensate the capacity of my heart and all that it’s willing to give- generously and openly unto others who you have programmed into emotionless, selfish bricks in your great wall.  The wall you proclaim to be great… This “American Dream”.  This concrete jungle of physical madness.  This pre-civilized brawn over brain mentality of outdated socialism.  This sick fucking existence of heartless carbon copies.  This surface-level, egotistical, victimized culture of rape. Enslave thy dweller and rape their mind.  Work the slave and rape its body.  Diseducate the slave and rape is comprehension and ability to understand beyond reductive instruction that you have mapped and planned to create this disgrace of an empire.  An empire that is a disgrace to the heart, the body, the soul, and to human connection.  New York – You brutally raped me in the ass and exposed my blood from what you have done.  New York – You’ve decimated and slandered the truth of my existence with your establishment of pre-dispositioned conceptual tactics that portray your self-serving notion of “right vs wrong”. You incarcerate the men of this territory who have consumed or withheld natures right of growing herb yet you coddle the business of poisonous injection.  You say that every life should matter but your hypocrisy displays to be transparent in the illusion of your filthy lies.  And for those that have unveiled your illusion, you shame them.  You outcast truth because truth is what you fear.  You fear truth because with the enlightenment of truth you would lose your power.  You find the greatest threat of your truth to be those who have a large and growing network of others who seek the truth.  So then you attempt to buy them out in secrecy but your offering bear no truth and your proposition deems quite weak.  There is no alliance to be conjoined with your lack of attempt to proceed a broken system.  Much like bad management, you crumble.  Much like an empire run by fools, you crumble.  And those who realize this and speak of your ways – You call them crazy.  But the honest ones are not crazy.  They are brave to speak the truth, much like that of many others who have notably suffered and been put to death.  Much like Jesus Christ.  Much like the witch trials.  Much like anyone who sought, explored, and spoke of higher truth in this despicable world where hatred and evil live.  And when you feel powerless, you attack those who are good.  And those who are weak will stand by your side and defend your cause because they are the same equivalence of shit and fear your false power.  They are weak.  I will die in truth before I choose to accept your rape culture of lies and slavery.  And for every wick of my candles that are lit, will be a symbol of truth that outshines your dark chamber.  And by doing this together, the connection of our heart will together know that we are free.  And we are free because we stand together and will have each other when your empire falls. And it will.

One cannot be infected by the poisonous apple that they do not eat – so … they leave it for others to indulge in the feast of misery unless they choose otherwise.  Life is a choice.


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