Still Here…

This silent ache in my heart kills me

Am I living to die?

But aren’t we all… just dying to live

This murder on my face looks like gravity

Exhausting the breath of my shallow illusion

I can see everything that I become as I evolve into pain

For it knows how I feel and feels what I know and I want to know if there’s more than this…

More than the madness

More than the money

More than the work

More than my funny

These jokes they can cover

But the sunshine is sunny

And you see me so clear

Everclear eyes of honey

Do you see deeper

Can you find my light

Evaporate my boredom

Console me at night

Do you know what I know and will you show that you know

Can you share what I give and make this all fair

I am tired, my dear

I just want to love

I am tired and here

Can I just be enough

I am so sick and tired of playing this game

Dear God can you put all this madness to shame

Devour the curse and douse my burning flame

Give me new life for a piece of my sane

Bless me with reason to feel once again

The powers of all can you cast unto me

The virtue of soul for such good company

I’m weary and swimming through miles of mud

How much more can I give than the heart of my love

Will I be desired if I had much more money

I can’t again be the victim of fools gold for a honey

Will I be appreciated if I was more aesthetically perfect

I cannot crash deeper if you hold me to surface

What will it take for my heart to connect

When will he seek all that I have left

Tied into my life and my strict regimen

I’m sinking without blinking and swimming again

No time to spare to seek what I want

I’m focused on me and that’s all that I got

A pitch of collision can change up this game

And somehow make me feel wholesome again

The solution is clear to solve such an itch

Involvement to seal such a tight-knitted stitch

Complimentary to balance such needs

The elixir of love is what my heart breeds

So find me right here just as I am

And then I can grow you right into my plan

If it fits then it fits and it will grow so tall

Together conjoined for the truth of it all


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