New World

Another day of duty, I am consumed with fine-tuning the details to enhance each and every molecule of self-improvement to succeed the preconceived standards of my work. Out here giving love in what I create and exuding passion through my performance; it breeds fire.  Then there’s always the advantage of this beautiful shell that has become me and my entire life.  Surrounded by luxurious aromatic notes of divine heaven and sexual hell twisted and diffused into the air of my lungs I can feel it fill me with desire.  Yes- desire!  For something more, for something deeper, for what my soul hungers for the most.  I am starving.  STARVING!  My emotions are starving for a greater depth of connection beyond the external realm of such common existence.  Yet you still ask me about the weather… Really?  The weather!?  Why must you bore me?  Or perhaps you can fill me in with all the details about your monetary assets, your credit score, your achievements at the gym, how many other humans you’ve fucked, who you’ve married, and how large your family is.  Or maybe you’re too consumed with your latest gadgets and how great of a deal you got on your favorite brand of novelty and how you took it with you on your trip to Hollywood.  I’m literally dying to hear all of it because it kills me.  This society – though I am in it, sometimes feels like an overwhelming plague of emotional vagueness and the death of my heart.  The surface of its icicle stabs my chest and digs into my heart yet I always find a way to melt the ice.  Typically the greatness of cold truth will have that effect.  And even when it becomes liquid it drips away into its own solitary puddle of fear.  To love anymore… “What is that”, you ask.  So foreign.  So rare…  How could anyone have the courage to be human and fulfill their emotional needs?  How could anyone commit to something so beautiful and deep and connected?  And if you died tomorrow, could you say that you loved entirely with your whole heart?  Or were you just here to win?  So we’ve met this New World.  We, in a way, created it.  We became it and it became us and it’s who we are.  Yet to truly be FREE, we must first realize that we have the power to change this.  And then, after we are enlightened by the flame of awareness, we act upon it. This is the beginning.  Actions, yes!  Of course, actions.  But consistency!  Do you expect to keep your job and pay your rent and put food on the table without consistency?  Love will only remain strong and grow with consistency.  Now go eat your dinner and get back to work.


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