I remember when I was a child my aunt had told me, “blood is thicker than water”.  I can distinctly remember the importance of her intent behind the clear sound of wording that traveled through her instructive lung and into my ears while her eyes focused boldly into mine when she had pronounced each and every syllable of that phrase.  At that point in my life I, perhaps, didn’t fully comprehend the timeless meaning of this phrase, but I knew it possessed extremely significant importance so that someday I would comprehend it’s meaning with more profound internal relation.  Because of that, I would never forget those words.  Blood.  Blood is life.  Blood is energy.  Blood is movement.  Blood is passion. Blood is relativity.  Blood is necessary.  Blood is within us and keeps us alive and flows through us until we die.  Blood is everything.  It is our roots.  It is our genes.  It is our foundation for life.  Everything else is extra and we have the liberty to make the best of all that is extra because of blood.  Without blood, we would simply not be.  Like a tree grows freely without blood, it still has roots planted in the soils of earth.  Like a human that breathes because of the blood that it was created from, it is stronger with its bloodline. The family tree is non-negotiable in that it will always be a relatable fact of composition that trickles downward and upward and outward and then back inward into everything that we are because of it.  The lessons we learn as we grow and the experiences we have through our journey here in life are bound to change us and help us evolve to become wiser, older, stronger, better versions of what we once were; if we choose to follow such a path.  Our families that we are connected to within our network of bloodline will go through failures and successes, triumphs and tribulations, rewards and setbacks, victories and defeats; much as we all do, individually.  They may feel love, hurt, pain, pleasure, joy, bliss, anguish, destruction, and regrowth among many other emotional soul experiences during our time. But when it comes down to every last drop of life that we have, it should be recognized that blood is (and always will be) innately “thicker than water”.  In water, we swim through with ease.  But with such density and complexity as blood, we stick; we stick together.  Without each other, we quite simply would not be.  This lesson should be passed down for all generations to come so human existence will never forget that we are stronger together than alone and, furthermore, to appreciate and behold gratitude for our predecessors who have given us the true birthright to live; even when they say and do careless shit to piss us off.

Social Skills (Lesson 1)


As the world population continues to grow and technology rampantly progresses, society has consequently evolved in synch with the scattered distribution of this evolution.  Social media and other forms of web data have provided a great deal of easily accessible information, contacts, and forms of medium, however, amidst the surplus of intangible resources, much of our societal aspects have been lost in the fog; so-to-speak.

I, myself, and many others have witnessed the decline and abandonment of classic, timeless, and highly effective social skills that genuinely connect people together to build strong social networks, communities, relationships, and families.  Being a person who was fortunate enough to have been taught and acquired these social skills (some by learned instruction and some by sought instruction) I feel it only proper to share my knowledge and resources for anyone to utilize in their own daily lives to help them achieve a true sense of connectedness among others and accomplishment from such connectedness.  To have witnessed so many who do not have nor utilize such skills and see the outcome of their suffering because of it inspires me to offer some valuable insight to strengthen their character and their overall well-being.  The following list is a composition of basic social skills to apply in your daily life; whether it be at your workplace, your local community, among family and friends, or even via social networking.  Here’s the list:


Make Eye Contact When Speaking With Someone

~Making eye contact when you are conversing with someone is essential because it shows that person that you are genuinely interested in what he or she has to say.  In this very busy modern world that we live in, we are not all granted with an abundance of excess time. So, it should be known that to really gain someone’s respect, you should make eye contact when speaking to someone.  You don’t necessarily have to stare the whole entire time you speak.  Of course, there may be moments that you may look away to think of what you’re saying.  But a clear visual effort to look at someone’s eyes when they are speaking to you and when you are speaking to them will demonstrate a sense of connectedness and respect and as a result of that, you will likely be setting yourself up for that person to willingly speak to you again.  If you want to be valued as important and worthy among others, you should make eye contact with whom you are associating with so they feel valued and worthy among your presence.  And in the event you do not care to associate with someone, then let your eyes wander- but don’t expect much from that person in the future.  A good first impression goes a long way.

The 3 Charms

The 3 charms are:  “Please”, “Thank You”, and “You’re Welcome”.  I refer to these valuable phrases as charms because they are essential toppings on the sweetest cake you will ever metaphorically taste- when given the chance!  If you are asking someone for a favor or some help, you should always say “please” when asking.  Even if you are a boss or a manager or a teacher or a parent or a spouse- You should always utilize “please”.  No title or level of “power” should bypass your usage of this word because regardless of your social status or position in life it is the nice and respectful thing to do.  Saying, “Hey, John Doe.  Can you please pass the sugar for my tea”, is a good example of how rich your character is.  Ultimately, we don’t care if you are monetarily wealthy or poor because it is one’s character that will not be forgotten.  So I ask everyone to please contribute something good to the table of society and use the word please- please.  From there, we get into “thank you”.  Saying “thank you” provides a confirmation that you actually appreciate what someone has done for or said to you.  Whether it be a favor, a task that has been fulfilled, or even a compliment given, you should always say “thank you” to express your gratitude for another person’s efforts.  For instance- if your friend compliments your new hairstyle and expresses that he or she really thinks it’s a good look on you, you should say “thank you” even if you already know that your hair looks nice.  Saying “I know” or saying nothing at all is a clear sign of taking someone’s generous compliment for granted and clearly shows that you do not value that person’s opinion. Good luck hearing nice things about yourself again with such behavior and social irresponsibility.  In a world where so many hurt and rude people will easily tear each other down because of their own self-projected critical insecurities, it’s nice to accept and appreciate words of kindness and keep that fire alive.  Take a moment to show someone that you appreciate their kindness and say “thank you”.  When someone holds the door open for you, say “thank you”.  Please just say “thank you”.  You’ll be doing yourself and the world around you a favor.  Furthermore, after someone says “thank you”, you should reply by saying “you’re welcome”, which concludes that you are on the same page- present and aware of your company.

The Golden Rule / Karma / The 3-Fold Law 

Call it what you want, but in any social structure, it is known that you should treat others how you would hope to be treated.  If you completely neglect someone’s cause for life or if you take advantage of them for your own selfish gain even if that means hurting that person, it will catch up to you in other ways.  If you don’t treat people with respect you will push them away and reduce the connectedness of society.  Always keep your conscience aware and don’t take advantage of people in malicious or spiteful ways.  Evaluate potential jealousy or malicious intent and find the root of any internal problems you have and fix them.  Heal yourself and be good to others and life will be very good to you!  Self-evaluation and self-care are a great start to character building.  If you can’t love and respect yourself, how are you going to love and respect anyone else?  And if you can’t love and respect others, who is going to love and respect you?  Life doesn’t have to be that lonely.

Acts Of Kindness

When you have extra love or time or things to give that you do not need, pass them on to someone who could use it more than you.  Whether it’s your time, your company, your friendship or advice or a listening ear or even something of value that you have no use for and is collecting dust on some shelf that you have, pay it forward dear.  In a world of shared resources, being an overindulgent hoarder is never a good thing.  Share your love and love will be shared with you.

With practice and usage of these social skills, your life will become better.  Thank you for reading and good luck on your new adventures- you deserve it!

New World

Another day of duty, I am consumed with fine-tuning the details to enhance each and every molecule of self-improvement to succeed the preconceived standards of my work. Out here giving love in what I create and exuding passion through my performance; it breeds fire.  Then there’s always the advantage of this beautiful shell that has become me and my entire life.  Surrounded by luxurious aromatic notes of divine heaven and sexual hell twisted and diffused into the air of my lungs I can feel it fill me with desire.  Yes- desire!  For something more, for something deeper, for what my soul hungers for the most.  I am starving.  STARVING!  My emotions are starving for a greater depth of connection beyond the external realm of such common existence.  Yet you still ask me about the weather… Really?  The weather!?  Why must you bore me?  Or perhaps you can fill me in with all the details about your monetary assets, your credit score, your achievements at the gym, how many other humans you’ve fucked, who you’ve married, and how large your family is.  Or maybe you’re too consumed with your latest gadgets and how great of a deal you got on your favorite brand of novelty and how you took it with you on your trip to Hollywood.  I’m literally dying to hear all of it because it kills me.  This society – though I am in it, sometimes feels like an overwhelming plague of emotional vagueness and the death of my heart.  The surface of its icicle stabs my chest and digs into my heart yet I always find a way to melt the ice.  Typically the greatness of cold truth will have that effect.  And even when it becomes liquid it drips away into its own solitary puddle of fear.  To love anymore… “What is that”, you ask.  So foreign.  So rare…  How could anyone have the courage to be human and fulfill their emotional needs?  How could anyone commit to something so beautiful and deep and connected?  And if you died tomorrow, could you say that you loved entirely with your whole heart?  Or were you just here to win?  So we’ve met this New World.  We, in a way, created it.  We became it and it became us and it’s who we are.  Yet to truly be FREE, we must first realize that we have the power to change this.  And then, after we are enlightened by the flame of awareness, we act upon it. This is the beginning.  Actions, yes!  Of course, actions.  But consistency!  Do you expect to keep your job and pay your rent and put food on the table without consistency?  Love will only remain strong and grow with consistency.  Now go eat your dinner and get back to work.


It would be nice to be taken seriously.

It would be nice to be respected.

It would be nice to be appreciated.

It would be nice to be rewarded.

It would be nice to have some help around here.

It would be nice to have more financial freedom.

It would be nice to have quality on my side.

It would be nice to have consistency.

It would be nice to have connection.

It would be nice to have attraction.

It would be nice to have pleasure.

It would be nice to minimize.

It would be nice to consolidate.

It would be nice to change my name and run away.

It would be nice to not worry.

It would be nice to enjoy silence among good company.

It would be nice to relax.

It would be nice to be free.

It would be nice to feel good.

It would be nice to unwind.

It would be nice to close my eyes and feel nothing.

It would be nice to open my eyes and feel good.

It would be nice to love.

When will it ever be enough?

What will it take?

How much more can I take?

I’ve exceeded the norm.

What else is there left to consume, to achieve, to learn, to master?

Where is my glory?

I want to coexist.

I want what I want and I deserve what I want.

I tell myself that God will get take me there.

And I continue to work and pray.

But I’m exhausted.

So for now I will close my eyes and pretend everything is okay.

And then magic will take me there.

In the midst of my silence.

I found peace.

Or at least I’m trying.

Don’t Come Running Back

Don’t come running back

To the place of no return

Don’t come running back

To the lesson that you’ll learn

You let it go so easily

You had to let it slip

Don’t come running back when your senses found some grip

Don’t come running back

When I’m in a better place

Don’t come running back

There is no room for such disgrace

Don’t come running back

When I form a better shape

It doesn’t take a genius to recognize growth rate

Don’t come running back

When it accommodates your needs

Don’t come running back

When it satisfies your pleas

Don’t come running back

When you can’t find the next best thing

Built for society, by society

And you keep on shaping me

Don’t come running back

When you realize it’s gone

Don’t come running back

Life doesn’t always last so long

Don’t come running back

When your legs are not as strong

We’re not getting any younger

So I’ll let you move along

Don’t come running back

To the place of no return

When it’s gone it is all gone

With no fire left to burn

Ash into the ground

With billions around

Don’t come running back

Time is of the essence – there’s no need to stick around

It’s been said that patience is a virtue

But we live in different times

Catch up to the pace

And you’ll have nothing left to find

This is not unusual

I’ve seen it countless times before

Don’t come running back to me

After slamming shut my door

I’ve given you enough

More than you could handle

Don’t come shaking at my knob

Transparent is your scandal

I got this covered

Secure enough to carry on

I don’t require anything-

-Less than love

So carry on