A Letter To A Regal Nugget Of Shit

“A Letter To A Regal Nugget Of Shit”

By Joey LoRe

I have no proper title to address you because it would be morally low for me to refer to you in the ways that you’ve forced my spirit to comprise the identity for yourself in which you had created by your words and actions.  You call yourself a woman of God and you stand behind the golden illusion of the fence of the iconic story that you worship but you do not follow your own creed.  You are loud and opinionated with uninformed words and judgment but you fail to evaluate the image that beholds before you in front of your very own mirror and, more importantly, the depth of who you are, internally.  Your mission is to slide by easily in life without having any compassion for the world around you and especially those who are suffering and struggle to survive while working 5 times as hard as you.  You preach the bible yet you are a glutton, an overindulgent pig, and you find every excuse and reason to avoid your socio-economic responsibility in this world and among your community and that is why you have no real friends.  These are the very reasons you are either alone or among spiritually and mentally poor company.  You chose this lifestyle of failure.  You chose to be a regal nugget of shit.  You chose to live off of whatever handouts you receive and remain stagnant while expecting a greater stimulation.  The only problem you have to blame is yourself for the weak excuses of shame that you hide behind. And for all of this, you have lost my respect. Fuck you royally.

~A better human


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