I did what I had to do

And for the critics out there- I did it better than you

Judge me if you must

I can still fuck your mind up with a single thrust

Now let me tell you, “I don’t owe you shit”

That’s right- time served

And I finished it

Not gonna carry guilt upon my back

I paid my dues so you can pay me back

I walked through the fire

Bet your ass it burned

But you can pick up the check as far as I’m concerned

Ran circles here ~ around the track

With my eyes wide shut ~ picking up your slack

What more could I possibly owe

Nothing more from this freebie one-man show

Nothing left to give

But you want the glory

You can have what you earn

I can tell you stories

My dirt has settled in the past

Cleaned my plate and finished last

Happy endings come to rise

See the fire in my eyes

You can have what you can give

The choice is yours by how you live

Made the cut

Cashed the bill

Swallowed all those jagged pills

Cut the cake

Smashed the thrill

Wiping ass with dollar bills








    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you found me too! Welcome to my world.


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