Do not pass forth lesser power created beneath rhythmic frequencies vibrating through magnified light-layers of bliss.

Love is dangerous.

It can devour you among its consumption and dispose of you at its own fate…

From broken glass – becomes a reflection of freedom

With freedom_ I found choice/

With choice_ I found purpose/

And now I am here.

(Lucky me)

^      Let it melt into serum
        ^^    Let it dazzle through flame

                                        ^^^  Let it know to be known

                                                         to know well enough to be well-known again___!

Come as it may

May let it come right

Blessed breath of my morning

And moon of my night

Come as it will

The very damn best

To cherish and pester

And shit on his chest

Lay flat on his lap and let out a fart

Tell him it’s mustard and mayonnaise apart

Make him throw up with my sickening jokes

And cry like a bitch when it’s hitting his throat

Wipe off his tears as he’s dribbling juice

Slip him a quarter and maybe a fruit

An apple, perhaps

Or just the raw core

Coming up ratchet

Like the North Eastern Shore (sorry bout it)

Shit happens- it does

It’s much better than bore

Mindfully shaken apart on the floor

With a place in my heart that makes me want more

The presence of humor one cannot ignore

So I laugh at this bittersweet pile of life

The irony tickles my fancy all night

Toss back a shot and wipe off my mouth

Unspoken yet written for words to come out

A little of that with a little of this

Call it a life but make it feel bliss


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