Compressing ache from the things I never said

Stewing in my head

The things I never said

I let ’em drop dead

Tied up in a tourniquet of rope

Holding onto hope

Concealing thoughts for me to choke

This is not a joke

Let it go so I can let it out

Through a sheltered gate of silent doubt

Released what I’m about

From the trueness of my mouth

Take a breath

I have nothing left to fear

Nothing left to lose

Hear my silence disappear

Not afraid

Of the past that I have made

Or the future of my ways

I see light among the shade


And now it comes so clear

In this moment lives no fear

My thoughts are welcome here

And the silence disappears

So go ahead

Put my limits to the test

No worries, no unrest

Because I know that I’m the best

Take a bow

Take a look around

Are you checking out the crowd

Are you coming at me now?


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