To My Readers

I send my apologies to my subscribers and readers for my absence.  I have not written as frequently as I used to nor have I had the chance to read as much as I normally would.  I started my own business as a sole proprietor and I also work two other jobs to pay the rent.  I am very focused on my new business and my life and supporting myself since I’m doing this all alone.  Since I haven’t had much free time to write, I’d like to apologize for my absence and let you know why I’ve been gone.  I will continue to share my writings whenever I am given a moment to release my work.  It comes to me when it comes to me- naturally.  I will be posting more new material soon, as life has inspired me to do so throughout my process of self evolution.  Thank you for being present and reading, as always.

With great appreciation and respect,


By the way- if youre interested in my new business and want to help a “starving artist” out, check out my website at

I launched my own product line of natural and organic skin care, scented soy candles, and more!  My brand is called “Natural Sensation”.  🙂


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