Spiritual Realm

Among the living there is also dead

A ghost may exist within our physical world yet they may carry a dead soul

An angel may exist within our physical world and they are here to heal, enlighten, share, and love

A spirit may exist within our physical world and they are here to learn and grow and evolve

A demon may exist within our physical world and they are the antagonists, the hurt, the pained, the suffering; who project their dark vibes onto other entities and beings which creates challenge, obstacle, lessons, growth, forgiveness, and spiritual development (in any direction)

A fallen angel may exist within our physical world and they were angels at one time yet they have been hit by a spiritual attack from a demon and their soul has and / or is currently suffering.  Fallen angels may find and embrace the warm loving light of a living angel if their soul chooses to align with such resonance.  And sometimes fallen angels cling to a dark path but they are likely to eventually mend their wings again once they allow themselves to heal with time, love, trust, and patience.

Sometimes when an angel meets a ghost the ghost faces fear and then disappears

Sometimes when an angel encounters a demon the demon will find a challenge to corrupt this angelic creature by force of destruction.  However, if the angel is strong (especially after having once already fallen and fully mended its wings) the angel will recognize and resist such blasphemous attacks.  At this point, the angel is technically an archangel or higher angel.

Spirits are free in that they may choose to go in any direction.  They are not guided by their own internal compass (yet) during the development of their time here.  Spirits are here to evolve.

Sometimes a fallen angel will encounter an angel or an archangel and the archangel may help the fallen angel mend and heal to ascend to a higher level of spirit.  But other times the fallen angel is not ready and will resist, as it is tired and weary.

Demons do have the capability of becoming light in spirit and eventually transcending into a being of spirit.  However, for a demon to evolve into spiritual awakening, the demon must be traumatized so tremendously that even its own force of badness is outdone by the backlash of its fate to overcompensate its current state of grief which may likely bring this demon to seek a higher state of being.


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