Higher Level

When I released my grip

From grief

From casual distraction

When I let go

Of the chaos

The shallowness

The voided bodies

When I abandoned

The thought of small talk

Meaningless engagement

Bleak encounters

That is when my spirit rose

Letting go

Without control

I find control

And it all comes back together

Letting go

Without control

I find control

Because God has made it better

A higher source of energy

A magic making symphony

Of love

The passion of this magic now unfolds

Because I let go

Releasing all the pain

Releasing all the fear

Releasing all the guilt

You will not find me there

I have ascended to a place

Where magic really happens

On a higher level I found grace

Risen up into this place

And for that I must say thanks


For a better day

I find comfort

Now that I know

Everything is better than okay


For these days

I find peace

Now that I rest

Everything is gentle when I lay


For the day

I find happiness

Now that I sense

Everything is beautiful in my way


For working days

I find success

Now that I flow

To achieve in many ways


For all the days

I find love

Now that I feel

A deeper purpose in my ways



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