You made me smile

Because you cared

You made me present

When you were there

You made me laugh

When you were weird

And I loved it

And I loved that you were real

You brought me up

When I was down

You took me higher

From the ground

But it was good

And it was pure

Like a child with no judgement

This was wild and I loved it

You were you

And I left from blue


You had sunshine in your cup

And it was more then just enough

You filled me up

And then I smiled

Thank you for just being

Thank you for not fleeing

I’m glad you stay

And you don’t play

‘Least not that way

And it’s beautiful that you care

Because you like my company

And I’m okay

We’ll be okay

You bring warm light into my days

And I can feel this all the way

And I’m alive

I’m more alive

The way that we collide

And conjoin a fearless ride

‘Cuz it’s all good

Yeah this is good

You make life so much lighter

A flame without the fire

There is no burn

No such concern

‘Cuz it’s all good

It’s simply good

Unbound from complications

Gave our heart a real vacation

And here we are

We made it far

We compliment each others lives

I’m glad to be here for the ride

We made it far

Because we are

The dark that found the light

And the light that made it right

So it connects

It all connects

We are so blessed

My soul can rest

We passed the test

And I’m grateful for this blessing

I’m counting it for real

Thanking powers from the heavens

The spirits made me feel

And you are here

Yeah here we are



  1. I wish was in those feelings of bliss at the moment. Awesome poems! It has inspired me to meditate. Hopefully I’ll reach my own personal bliss.

    Liked by 1 person

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