You say you really like me

But you got a funny way of showing it

Your absence renders obsolete

My heart is not condoning it

These stupid little games you play

I’m bored with all your gimicks

I’ve seen it all before

These clowns all learn to mimick

Stop wasting my time

If youre gonna step in then step it up

I’m busy on the line

Don’t take me for granted and mess it up

So go grunt around in denial

And tell me I’m conceited because I saw right through you

Games and toys are for the boys

A good man should never be mistreated

And for that I say, “fuck you”

For the joke that you’ve become

You really thought you knew me

But you never really even tried, hun

Should’ve, could’ve, wouldn’t it have been oh so very nice

If you got your shit together and stopped rolling up like dice



    • I usually write from emotion. Like from a certain situation or experience. It’s my way of letting it go. It doesn’t necessarily define who I am. Just a moment in time. It’s a release for me. Thank you for reading.

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