Make a candle in the day

To find a piece of light

Alleviate my pain

From the darkness of the night

Burn my light

Burn it bright

Make a wish for it to stay

Turning wrongs over to right

Let the circle make its way

From the wing of a bird within its flight

Control within my sight

I can see with guiding light

Holding onto dreams

With hope from shattered glass

7 years of such a curse

Looking at the cracks

From my own reflection

As tears fall from my fears

Blurred to mold my truth

Meshing fragments from my peers

I am blind within such love

It holds my soul together

I can find myself in love

It weathers all my feathers

And I grow within a realm

Of a place that few exist

For I dive within the depth

Of this multidimensional bliss

And I can feel it so well

Yes, everything I touch

Because it touches me

And it causes me to blush

Not on the cheeks upon my face

Or the ones upon my ass

I can feel it in my space

Intangible- if you ask

More of a sensation

That can only be acknowledged

By the privilege of experience

Exceeding substandard left brain college

And then I open up my eyes

As my breath has steadily paced

I can smell the fire of God

And see the love upon my face

For it has touched me deeply

And I know it’s true, for sure

That this remedy to chaos

Was the peace within my cure








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