Natural Sensation

I can give you the best

Better than all the rest

I can provide you the cure

Attracting you with allure

Absorbing into my pure

Through every minimized pore

Essence of ease without chore

Essentially pleased; you want more

Gratify no denial

Since all I serve is the truth

The greatest gift of such nature

From the fountain of youth

From the word of my mouth

And the light in my eyes

You can feel what you see

With no conceal to disguise

Crystal clear flowing water

Though I’m no preacher’s daughter

I won’t be teaching you lies

The spirit of human

And I’m living it kind

Healing the broken

Giving sight to the blind

So if you ever once doubt

From the fear of a drought

When you’re left in the dark

And life is leaving you out

May you find your return

Back to the center of soul

And yes it will cost you

But every bridge has a toll

An even exchange

From a fair working wage

A practical trade

Among the glorious days

And once you try it yourself

You will flourish in wealth

Coming back to restock

Taking care of your health

And doing well for yourself







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