You’re creepin up on me

From behind my back

I can smell the filthy stench of your lazy slack

Bitch, you are such a mess

A sloppy cob job

Watching your bobble head go up and down upon my knob

You’re tossing whores breath

I aint got nothing left

I aint payin for your playin- bitch you are a mess

Go ‘head and clean it up

Go make your dirty bed

As your layin in those sheets like an inbred

Why did your momma breed

Why did she plant the seed

This mutated dilated destruction of economy

As you collect your scraps

From those bottle caps

So *Clink* and have a drink

Cheers to your scummy ass

You ratchet fuck boy

You desperate chew toy

Road-whoring it around with your convoy

You are a nasty germ

A fucking meal worm

The dying cushion to a needle

Your presence has no term

No short description

Or way to sum you up

You are death among all life

And you should give it up



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