Here I am again

Right now- another day

I just want to drift away

Life has shown me nothing’s meant to stay

My soul is very tired

Ancient in this time

Faded gems through generations

The gentle dimming of their shine

Aware of all the signs

And I watch them fade away

In the foreground of my mind

Yet somehow I still stay

If only I could sleep

To deeply drift away

Into eternal heaven

Spread my wings to fly away

From the madness of this noise

The discontent of inconsistency

The lies, the games, the fools

The lack of soulful intimacy

Let me fly away

Just as they have upon this Earth

Nobody ever stays

Let me go for all it’s worth

Just let me fly away

As your patterns have displayed

I’m free without your pain

If you were here I would have stayed

Do you believe in angels

They rise and they may fall

Every angel has a purpose

And some were sent to call

But an angel with no wings

Endures the pain of healing things

With a heart that gives a breath of life

Left cut and dry from your selfish knife

And though I find it difficult

To accept this mighty role

I must choose to carry on

There’s greater stories left untold

The power of such healing

The gifts that I behold

I must not allow confusion

Love can’t be bought or sold

Recharging from the blessings

That I’ve shared along my ways

I realign my soul to center

Miracles happen every day





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