Ripping off the layers of my garments

From the outside going in

Ripping through the layers of my skin

From the inside of my core

I’m shedding like a whore

I remember that I’ve torn it all before

Shredding up my calendar to pieces

Watching all the days just flutter down

I find myself a king without a crown

Turning off my phone to hear the silence

The beauty of no sound

No more pressure left to pound

Bring me to the brink and shut it down

Easing past the place of time and space

Melting into zen

Relieving any wrinkles on my face

Receding from the race

Falling into grace

Times like this just cannot be replaced

Money cannot buy it from me

Sex will not lure me away

The greatest pleasures of my life

Occur when chaos goes away

Less is more and so I’ve found

A private place inside my cloud

Where I can love things as they are

And let this balance take me far

Deep inside within myself

I find a priceless type of wealth

The kind that I do treasure most

Derived from peace of mind and soul

There is no greater wholesome pleasure

Than the love of my own treasure

No fixation of desire

C0ntent to burn within my fire

Inside myself I’ve found my home

Connected with the one I know

Closer to my sacred heart

Colliding with my beautiful soul


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