Song Bird (Day by Day)

Day by day in the shadows of this valley

The rural life is not for me but it’s all I have for now

How I dream to run away and find a greater piece of life

To mend the broken silence from the dullness of this knife

Kicking boxes, chasing dreams, in the foreground of my mind

In search of stimulation from a slowly changing time

The surface of this realm has not satisfied my needs

Yet I do the best I can and it’s not good enough for me

Alone among my company I find no other way

To enjoy this life while I am living I yearn to run away

But I can’t for now as I know that I must stay

My business is unfinished so I take it day by day

Counting dollars as I grow and it prepares me for this test

And when it passes I’ll discover that I’m gone from what is left

Counting hours, counting days until I’m closer to away

Kissing everyone goodbye because I couldn’t stay

And it’s love when they let me go and wish me all their best

And it’s love when the flower grows out from the weedy nest

And it’s love when a piece of me feels like I belong

Ascending into harmony as this becomes my new life song


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