Sleep On It

Work for bills – expenses, expenses

I got the chills – guarded in fences

My heart is alone and cold as ice

Yearning to melt while rolling the dice

Gamble my fortune for a half-hearted smile

Without risking a loss as I live in denial

To tell you I’m happy with all of this stuff

But deep down inside I’ve had more than enough

I need an escape from this daunting routine

I need to travel to lands I’ve not seen

I need to try something different and fun

I need to do this after my work is done

But for now it just is what it is

And for now I am just living for this

And it will certainly be okay

This way is surely not destined to stay

And for now I will take it by the day

But tonight I’m going to sleep

A change is due

Once all is complete

But tonight I’m just going to sleep



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