Natural Sensation

I can give you the best

Better than all the rest

I can provide you the cure

Attracting you with allure

Absorbing into my pure

Through every minimized pore

Essence of ease without chore

Essentially pleased; you want more

Gratify no denial

Since all I serve is the truth

The greatest gift of such nature

From the fountain of youth

From the word of my mouth

And the light in my eyes

You can feel what you see

With no conceal to disguise

Crystal clear flowing water

Though I’m no preacher’s daughter

I won’t be teaching you lies

The spirit of human

And I’m living it kind

Healing the broken

Giving sight to the blind

So if you ever once doubt

From the fear of a drought

When you’re left in the dark

And life is leaving you out

May you find your return

Back to the center of soul

And yes it will cost you

But every bridge has a toll

An even exchange

From a fair working wage

A practical trade

Among the glorious days

And once you try it yourself

You will flourish in wealth

Coming back to restock

Taking care of your health

And doing well for yourself






The Cure

There is cure for emotional pain.  There is cure for the hurt that so many of us have endured after the traumas of getting betrayed by others that our hearts have cared for.  But this cure starts within our own selves.

Many of us have been involved in that group of friends that just created chaos in our lives.  Or perhaps we’ve become emotionally involved with connections that were not as they seemed.  We trusted them with our feelings and then we’ve been shunned or stabbed by disappointments.  Or even that lover we once had who turned out to be a pathological liar or didn’t quite meet our emotional standards.  Perhaps a cheater, or an abuser, or just quite simply- not compatible.

But these are the situations in life that are meant to happen because they are meant to make us grow.  To make us evolve into more spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally mature beings; or at least that’s how it should be.

However, sometimes with pain comes loss.  We are supposed to gain from our setbacks and from our struggles but sometimes many drift away into a self loathing, people-hating, introverted culture of antitrust.  And these people are never really happy with themselves or with others even if they portray it as so.  They feel jaded and bitter and somehow become what they have went through and experienced- but not in a good way.  They become defeated.  They believe that this is how life has to be lived because they are so focused on the pain that they forget how to be happy.  To be involved, to be present, to be here, to be aware, to actually care.  To trust another we must learn to trust ourselves again.  You know… That gut instinct that says “yes this is what I actually want out of life”.  That deep rooted notion that says “I want to be happy” or “I want quality friendships, relationships, love”… and so on.  But when we slip off the rail and start treating people how we do not like to be treated or even how we may have been treated, our ego takes control over our presence and it creates a dark cloud that refuses to let happiness enter.  We ignore the people, places, and things that are out in this world trying to care about us. And, at this point, we are just letting life pass us by.

To escape such damage, there is some serious self reflection that needs to be done here.  This is when we should start to ask ourselves such questions like, “was I a nice person?” and “did I offer as much as I’ve been given by this wonderful friend of mine?” and “did I try to be involved with those who are kind?” and even “am I emotionally available?”.  By asking these questions we can find cognitive ways to take actions and make modifications to improve our spiritual well-being.  There is no need to dwell in the past and live in grief, mistakenly assuming that everyone is going to hurt you or that people will rob you of your happiness.  When you can find true console and security within yourself, you will then feel liberated enough to step back into this world with a good attitude and surround yourself with others who share the same genuine core beliefs.  It’s not necessarily easy, but it is worth it.

Some practices that can take your spirit to a place of happiness include:



Sober Living

Healthy Friendships & Relationships

Enjoying the work that you do and the people that you surround yourself with


Proper Nutrition



Spa Treatments


Getting to know new people

Going on adventures

Having authentic intimate conversations

Acts of kindness

Positive self talk

Good sleep


And sure- these may seem like the obvious but it’s crucial to be honest with ourselves as to how much effort we actually invest in such things prior to quickly writing off these cures as invalid- because -they are not only valid; they are crucial.  Most often we will eventually acknowledge that the most crucial step before practicing these steps is AWARENESS.  AWARENESS of yourSELF and AWARENESS of OTHERS.  Being AWARE that CHANGE may need to happen (by your own will to do so) for the good times to roll again.  And there you have it.  Anybody can be happy after being hurt.




You’re creepin up on me

From behind my back

I can smell the filthy stench of your lazy slack

Bitch, you are such a mess

A sloppy cob job

Watching your bobble head go up and down upon my knob

You’re tossing whores breath

I aint got nothing left

I aint payin for your playin- bitch you are a mess

Go ‘head and clean it up

Go make your dirty bed

As your layin in those sheets like an inbred

Why did your momma breed

Why did she plant the seed

This mutated dilated destruction of economy

As you collect your scraps

From those bottle caps

So *Clink* and have a drink

Cheers to your scummy ass

You ratchet fuck boy

You desperate chew toy

Road-whoring it around with your convoy

You are a nasty germ

A fucking meal worm

The dying cushion to a needle

Your presence has no term

No short description

Or way to sum you up

You are death among all life

And you should give it up



Here I am again

Right now- another day

I just want to drift away

Life has shown me nothing’s meant to stay

My soul is very tired

Ancient in this time

Faded gems through generations

The gentle dimming of their shine

Aware of all the signs

And I watch them fade away

In the foreground of my mind

Yet somehow I still stay

If only I could sleep

To deeply drift away

Into eternal heaven

Spread my wings to fly away

From the madness of this noise

The discontent of inconsistency

The lies, the games, the fools

The lack of soulful intimacy

Let me fly away

Just as they have upon this Earth

Nobody ever stays

Let me go for all it’s worth

Just let me fly away

As your patterns have displayed

I’m free without your pain

If you were here I would have stayed

Do you believe in angels

They rise and they may fall

Every angel has a purpose

And some were sent to call

But an angel with no wings

Endures the pain of healing things

With a heart that gives a breath of life

Left cut and dry from your selfish knife

And though I find it difficult

To accept this mighty role

I must choose to carry on

There’s greater stories left untold

The power of such healing

The gifts that I behold

I must not allow confusion

Love can’t be bought or sold

Recharging from the blessings

That I’ve shared along my ways

I realign my soul to center

Miracles happen every day




Mystical Garden

I’ll take a serving of the medicine that you deliver

from the corner of your intrusive and entitled little mouth.

I will swallow with a spoonful of sugar in the raw

just to see what you’re about.

I’ll feel it sink and let it brew so I can send it back to you

as I piss it right into your mouth.

How does it taste?

How does it feel?

Is it everything that’s real?

Do you still like to give it out?

If I had another dollar for every dosage of your doubt

would you make me rich and pour it out?

You keep on getting what you give-

I wonder; do you feel the dryness of your drought?

You can have a piece of truth and you can live a taste of life

when you learn to let it out-

’cause that’s what I’m about.

And if you do it with good manners;

no agenda with your planners-

then your seed might come to sprout

and you won’t even have to shout.



Ripping off the layers of my garments

From the outside going in

Ripping through the layers of my skin

From the inside of my core

I’m shedding like a whore

I remember that I’ve torn it all before

Shredding up my calendar to pieces

Watching all the days just flutter down

I find myself a king without a crown

Turning off my phone to hear the silence

The beauty of no sound

No more pressure left to pound

Bring me to the brink and shut it down

Easing past the place of time and space

Melting into zen

Relieving any wrinkles on my face

Receding from the race

Falling into grace

Times like this just cannot be replaced

Money cannot buy it from me

Sex will not lure me away

The greatest pleasures of my life

Occur when chaos goes away

Less is more and so I’ve found

A private place inside my cloud

Where I can love things as they are

And let this balance take me far

Deep inside within myself

I find a priceless type of wealth

The kind that I do treasure most

Derived from peace of mind and soul

There is no greater wholesome pleasure

Than the love of my own treasure

No fixation of desire

C0ntent to burn within my fire

Inside myself I’ve found my home

Connected with the one I know

Closer to my sacred heart

Colliding with my beautiful soul

Song Bird (Day by Day)

Day by day in the shadows of this valley

The rural life is not for me but it’s all I have for now

How I dream to run away and find a greater piece of life

To mend the broken silence from the dullness of this knife

Kicking boxes, chasing dreams, in the foreground of my mind

In search of stimulation from a slowly changing time

The surface of this realm has not satisfied my needs

Yet I do the best I can and it’s not good enough for me

Alone among my company I find no other way

To enjoy this life while I am living I yearn to run away

But I can’t for now as I know that I must stay

My business is unfinished so I take it day by day

Counting dollars as I grow and it prepares me for this test

And when it passes I’ll discover that I’m gone from what is left

Counting hours, counting days until I’m closer to away

Kissing everyone goodbye because I couldn’t stay

And it’s love when they let me go and wish me all their best

And it’s love when the flower grows out from the weedy nest

And it’s love when a piece of me feels like I belong

Ascending into harmony as this becomes my new life song