How long can you hold onto hope

When you feel at the end of your rope

And everyone thinks that you have it together

But your heart is just bleeding for love

How long will you keep your composure

Before you release for exposure

Stay in the lines while you’re doing it all

Feeding the blind with the crack of your smile behind the bricks of your wall

And you secretly want to jump

And you secretly want to run

Far away from this nothing yet you have so much to lose and you feel stuck while you’re living the blues

How many reptiles must you meet to greet

Kissing all the frogs before you retreat

Are you sad that you might die alone

Are you sad that you’re doing your best

Do you feel like you’re never enough

But then find that they just weren’t enough

Do you pray for someone to step up

And share the love of your cup

Are you sad that you do this for hope

Are you misunderstood because you have wants

Because you have needs

Because you are human

Aren’t you glad to be among savages

You must be so happy to do this everyday

With your looks and your car and your jobs and your home

And everything that you’ve earned and the places you go

The things you’ve achieved and the reasons you’ve grown

Aren’t you thrilled to do this alone

The extra miles you give

With the life that you live

As your time’s running out

And you silently shout

You’re just so happy to know

But does it even show that you’re sad because you might die alone




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