That Girl

That girl with the red lips on

Stiletto pumps and a Louis Vuitton

She’s always ready – no need to rehearse

She’s got the universe living in her purse

Loose curls dangle for impressive thrill

Fashion fitted dress that she wears to kill

Walking to her Beemer with her smartphone on

This classy broad has really got it going on

Left the meeting – she’s had enough

Her years in beauty school never paid enough

She needs a break so she’s heading out

With her pretty wicked clan as they’re rolling out

To the bars and to every club

Seeking the potential of a filler for love

Downing shots like she cant get enough

It’s a quarter to last call and she’s feeling rough

She’s got it all – or that’s what they say

Another stranger with a drink and he’s heading her way

He took her home – but just for tonight

Somewhere beneath her darkness she was seeing light

Next day she woke up and then she left

Another day to cover up the mess inside her dress

Pretty girl – give yourself a break

You don’t gotta masquerade all those little mistakes

Young lady – you’ll be more than fine someday

When you look back and see that girl was just taken away






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