Throw me down under

Under the bus

Rip out my pride

Mangled to fuss

Put me in chains

Shackle my cuffs

Put ’em on tight

I like it that rough

Dig for my file

Dig for my stack

Thickness of fools

Stabbing my back

Read my report

Hearsay my rap

Distract your own eyes

While I quickly bounce back

Come back to front

And center we meet

Ready for dinner

I’ll trick you, my treat

Present you my smile

Gift you my face

Giving my presence

Impressing with grace

Delight for the night

And proper by day

Encoding through eyes

Before they’re away

About-face as you turn

And I’m back on my mission

I planted the seed

And you’ll make your decision

Now as I’m free

I’ll be as I please

Catching up to the light

Beyond your decree

Passing the test

Mazing the lands

Ploughing through weeds

I’ve got bigger plans

Do what I can

All I have is right now

From once under the surface

I broke through the wall

A flower that grows

From a child that bleeds

Under the ocean

Comes a shark you don’t see

A tower that stands

From the tears of a heart

Success in my hands

From what tore apart

It’s mine for the taking

You trained me so well

Consuming my worth

Undoing your spell

Wipe away crumbs

From the crack of your plate

Turning the table

Unleashing my fate

For all that it was

Derived from what’s been

Evolves into now

From the pigs of your pen

To what shall remain

Not even a stain

Nor breath of your mouth

Inscribing my name

In the core of your brain

From pissing your gas

On the spark of my flame


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