The tiny tear drop gracefully falls

Colliding into the ocean body

Creating a ripple

Diffusing emotion into the water by osmosis

Exuding roots into the world

As a shark swims

A mermaid cries

As a battle wins

A soldier dies

As the waves crash

A sparrow flies

The grazing edge of a stick match

Ignites sulfuric fire by friction against the grainy grit

Exploding into tamable flame

Steadily approaching gasoline soaked lumber

Like a stork the child of premature fire is dropped into the bundle of its new home

Blazing inferno of crackling woods

The flames dance through the air offering heat

Wild light projects and reflects upon the surfaces of its environment

Bringing passion and love to the world

As a seed is planted

A tree will grow

As the leaves fall

Others will show

As the fairies dance

The night will glow

Beneath festive moon

Creatures come to see the show





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