If I were to go

I would not let you know

The goals and aspirations

For an eternal soul vacation

If I were to stay

I would still have to play

Posing with a smile

For you to see past my denial

I can act without an Oscar

Let’s just forget about the SAG

It’s unofficially official

I’ve always had this in the bag

A role is but a guise

I should be happy I’m alive

All these talents and these gift

Skills for me to ride

So I try and I try

And my heart- it slowly sighs

Delivering full package

With extra miles on the side

He’s so tall and handsome

Charming and poetic

With such unique charisma

He’ll sweep you off your feet

Then he disappears again

Back toward his retreat

Back to his reality

Back to his defeat

So he wanders through the weeds

Deprived of all his needs

So he comes and then he flees

From redundant company

If I were to go

I’d leave this tired place

I’d forget about the memory

You’ll hold upon my face

If I were to go

I’d be flying free

Away from all your fears

Far away from me



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