You try to put me on a pedestal

And mount my frame up on a wall

Your distant whispers are so far away

But you don’t know me much at all

Opinions formed by observation

But were they ever truly facts

I guess it’s fair you never knew

That my heart is still in tact

Underneath this temporary temple

The work of God that I’ve been blessed

But the figure that you worship

Was, by far, the hardest test

As you see it so appealing

As you love it from afar

Or may you hate me from your fears

I’m merely but a falling star

Alone within myself

As fear keeps us part

And though you do not know my wealth

Inside of me still lives a heart

Inside of me is torn apart

Inside of me still needs some love

Inside of me is but a human

And I’m still looking up above

Just like you- I am still here

Just like you- I may be scared

Just like you- I can care

But when you place me in your box

Will bring the empty quiet knocks

On my door that’s latched and locked

For you never came to see me here

I wish you would have shown me you

For me to show me back to you

But you did not care to let me see

As you have feared such company

From the box you placed me in

When you projected all your sins

And found a way to justify

That I am not your kind of guy

So again, I level to content

For what is meant shall be meant

Unnecessary to repent

What’s passed is not for my consent

Nor for me to represent

Nothing close to discontent

Solidify the soldier’s tent

No vacancy to pay the rent

Secure with what the heavens sent





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